2016 Holiday Gift Guide

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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2016 Guide to Kids Toys:

Magformers - Blaze Monster Machines 22Pc Set - MSRP $29.99

Magformers are an industry leader in fun magnetic toys for kids. Hot this holiday season is the licensed line via Nickelodeon, bringing you the Blaze Monster Machines 22Pc Set! More..

Turbo Runner by Odyssey Toys - MSRP $49.95. 

Capable of going just about anywhere, the Turbo Runner climbs walls and ceilings with ease. The Turbo Runner is a master of all tricks. Transitioning from flight to running mode, it darts across walls then dashes across ceilings – it even runs down staircases. Ages 8 and up. 

Irish Fairy DoorMSRP $19.99

A unique gift this season, the Irish Fairy Door Company encourages children to expand their imaginations by exploring the magical world of fairies with their award-winning handmade Irish fairy doors. These doors help fairies easily relocate into human homes, classrooms, gardens and woods and provide a beautiful and unique way for children and parents to interact and play through the power of imagination and belief. Once in place, the creative team at FairyHQ ensures direct access to Fairy Valley, so the magic continues long after the fairy has moved in. Fairy Valley boasts ongoing magical messages, play ideas and stories delivered to children and parents who register their fairy’s name on the website, via email or at the brands immersive app. 

Bluebee Pals - MSRP $64.99

Riley The Zebra is one of five plushy learning tools that moves its mouth as it talks, sings and reads to a child. The magic is actually a connection to any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or laptop from Apple to Android. Each loveable stuffed animal has a mesmerizing feature -- lip synchronization – that allows the pal’s lips to move while singing a downloaded tune or engaging with various learning apps. Even foreign language apps work—in fact, as long as an app has sound, it will work with Bluebee Pals!

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Wet Head - MSRP $14.99
Touted as the next Pie Face, comes Wet Head, an all-new water roulette game full of suspense and a splash of fun! Grab some friends, fill the helmet with water, strap yourself in, give it a spin. Players can play with the included spinner or can download the free Wet Head Challenge app for some tricky trivia questions. Ages 4+

Firetek Crossbow - $29.99

READY, AIM, FIRE! The new Firetek Crossbow from Zing is one of the latest additions to Zing’s popular Firetek brand. Now blazing with LED light up power, the Firetek Crossbow’s illuminating effect is perfect for any type of target practice! Place the arrow hooks through the Crossbow loops and latch onto the pin. Release the safety, pull the trigger and watch the Firetek Dartz fly with amazing light up power! With arrows shooting over 45 feet and a special scope for supreme accuracy, your target doesn’t stand a chance with the Firetek Crossbow. Each Firetek Crossbow comes with one Firetek Crossbow and three suction-cup arrows. Ages 8+

Zippi Pets MSRP $24.99

Zippi Pets put the magic of flight in kids hands! This colorful interactive hummingbird chirps, tweets and sings as she soars through the air. With just a touch, and a little bit of magic, Zippi spins and hovers with animated action, just like a real hummingbird. To start the interactive fun, kids just tap Zippi on the head to wake her up and she chirps brightly in response. Kids can control her flight simply by moving their hand underneath her path. With a built in rechargable battery and the included USB cord, Zippi will be flying again in 20 minutes. Ages 5+

IDO3D Vertical Pens

IDO3D Vertical $9.99-29.99 – Ages 8+ 3D drawing pens have been introduced as the newest way to create remarkable artwork, especially for kids. IDO3D Vertical makes 3D drawing accessible for all families with sets starting at only $9.99. Unlike many other pens in ever-growing market, the IDO3D Vertical technology uses no heat or plastic filament and the pens are designed to use cool. More.

2016 Gifts for Baby and Toddler: 

Green Toys™ Puzzles and Books

Fun and learning fit together with the Green Toys™ Puzzles! The colorful Dump Truck, Garden, and Tea Time puzzles are just right for toddlers developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. These durable, 4-piece sets perfect starter-puzzles, with easy-to-hold 3D pieces that encourage imagination and pretend play. MSRP $12.99 per puzzle.

Green Toys, lauded for its award-winning line of U.S.-made, eco-friendly children’s toys, has expanded into the book category for the first time with the launch of three new hardcover storybooks penned by co-founder, Robert von Goeben.The act of reading and playing supports ‘Guided’ Open Play, which in turn develops language skills, emotional intelligence and abstract thinking. MSRP $14.99.

Gigantic Dump Truck and Gigantic Loader $20 each

These rugged vehicles are gigantic in size (nearly two feet long) and feature strong steel axles to withstand even the toughest young trucker! With a working dump bed and loader arm, kids can rules the construction site. Ages 1.5+ More..
Playful Dino - $68

This dino is packed with multiple play surfaces, bead runs, peg mazes and more. Teaches cause and effect learning while fostering fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination. Winner of an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award, Today's Parent Top Toy Winner, Creative Child Preferred Choice Award - Motor Skills Development category, Parents' Choice Award Recommended and recognized as San Diego Family Magazine Hottest 50 Toys. 12 months 
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2016 Guide to Teen Gifts: 

Lava® Lamp 

Always reinventing and staying on-trend, Lava® Lamp introduces new designs in the same iconic shape, plus adds LED lighting to the mix! From an interactive chalkboard and mini volcano to a simulated fireplace, these lamps go beyond Lava® motion and breathe new life into the ever-popular “original shape of cool!” Available starting August 1st and perfect for the holiday season, Lava® Lamp stays fresh with fun twists on an old favorite. Prices start at $9.99

Stocking Stuffers:

Kung Fu Panda Flash Light-Up Toothbrush
The sculpted Flash Light-Up Toothbrush features Po as the base of the brush. Press Po’s bellybutton and the timer light flashes for 2 minutes, which is the brushing time recommended by dentists. The brush has a suction cup bottom. MSRP $3.99

Brush Buddies Shopkins Brite Beatz
Shopkins Brite Beatz Shopkins Brite Beatz plays the Shopkins theme song along to synchronized lights. Brite Beatz helps improve oral care making brushing fun for kids. Shopkins theme song will play for the dentist recommended two minutes. Shopkins Brite Beatz has fun characters on the handle and a comfortable grip for kids. MSRP: $9.99

Gifts for Him or Her: 

Fidophile is a simple, easy to use, way to celebrate and honor your beloved furry friend. Simply logon to the website, upload one of your favorite dog photos, choose the breed of your dog, select one of six different beautiful wooden frame options, and within days your personalized photo frame will arrive ready to hang on your wall. The frame comes as a side by side with the photo and a professionally written overview about the history and heritage of their breed

Gifts For Gamers:

The  perfect gift for the gamers in your life whether they are PC or console users. Click here for this years top gifts from Turtle Beach.