Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Many Benefits of Music

Music is much more than humming tunes or recognizing famous singers. Music has so many benefits for people of all ages, races, income status levels and other defining human characteristics. Music can give hours of enjoyment whether listening to someone else play an instrument or singing a made up tune for your child. Parents often sing lullabies to their babies to induce sleep. Grandparents might sing a favorite song in the remembered language from their childhood in another country. Music can motivate, calm fears, uplift spirits, spark laughter, invoke tears, define emotions and, best of all, music can give hope.

Sadly, many schools today don't have the necessary funds to pay for arts programs that include music. This is even more likely with school districts located in urban neighborhoods. Students are missing out on the vast benefits that music is known to give. Most poorer parents cannot afford to pay for private music classes. Some schools have been lucky enough to find volunteers experienced in music that teach music courses without pay. Music has always been a human's way to express their inner selves. It is interesting to note that music is seen in cultures around the world.

The type of music that people enjoy often depends on their upbringing or cultural heritage. Musical instruments have been found in ancient civilization artifacts that archaeologists have recovered. Societies make use of items found in their environment to create sounds that are then used in spiritual ceremonies, celebrations and daily life pursuits. A tribe in Africa might have crude drums that sound a hunt. People from India sing intricate songs that convey their cultural beliefs. Crude wind instruments like the pan flute are found in Ireland, and young people living in large urban cities often create wordy lyrics that describe their lives accompanied by rap beats.

Recently, there have been efforts by some volunteer groups to bring music back to the cities again. Beautifully hand painted street pianos have shown up in city parks and other people gathering spots within the city. Volunteers are also holding free musical classes that teach people how to play instruments, sing and the art of true music appreciation. The people in sprawling metropolitan areas have given music a new face. Impromptu music concerts are becoming popular in subways, city streets, neighborhood parks and other places. Music offers hope for the future.


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