Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Where did you get that? How to make your home look expensive – on a budget!

Many of us are now living on a budget, so when it comes to refurnishing our homes or redecorating our property – such luxuries often have to take a back seat.

But did you know that there are ways you can add a touch of glamour and style without breaking the bank? It’s true! Not everyone has the budget to recreate the homes of the celebrities we see on TV, but here you’ll find a few handy tips and tricks of how you can make it look like you can!

Your furniture
How old is that sofa? Has it seen better days? When you walk into a living room, it’s often the first thing you notice, after all, it’s where you and your guests are going to be sitting! If a new sofa or seating arrangement is a little off the cards for you at the moment, then why not introduce some colour and texture into the room with some vibrant throws and matching accessories. Geometric prints, and metallic tones are great for giving a sad couch some “wow” factor.

On the other hand – if your financial situation allows, you can always invest in a few key, contemporary pieces to make your living or dining room turn heads. Check out danetti.com for a little inspiration.  

Less is more
Usually we have to choose between beauty and functionality – but if you’re clever with your space then you can have both! Try to find ways to remove all the clutter from your home. Even if it’s just hidden out of sight – a clean tidy looking home with clear work tops and sideboards looks effortless. This will also make it easier for guests to see your possessions!

Introduce mirrors
Mirrors are a great addition to every home – and not just because we can check our teeth before we leave the house! Introducing large mirrors into your home allows natural light to be reflected; giving the illusion of space and light. If you have plain old wardrobe doors then why not make them look more expensive by adding on some cheap framed mirrors?

Fresh flowers
We’re not talking lavish bouquets from the florist! Sometimes adding a little bit of green and life into a room, really can elevate it. These can be flowers from your garden, a bright and fresh potted plant, or gorgeous, inexpensive tulips from your local supermarket that have been arranged beautifully in a glass vase.

Remodel your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, so it looks tired pretty quickly. Head to your local hardware shop and get some stainless-steel paint – coat your old fridge handles to make them look brand new. Or get something a little more colourful and paint your kitchen cabinets in bright, bold colours. If painting isn’t your thing, then why not try to upgrade the door handles and pulls? A pop of colour here or a flash of steel there is a great way to make your home seem elegant and stylish! 


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