Sunday, January 28, 2018

Games to Play with your Kids

They say the internet came with both the negatives and the positives. There are many positives we can pick including but not limited to added convenience in communication over long distances and ease of doing business. However, there are also many negatives and they include the disintegration of family bonds. Parents are on their own doing their own thing while kids play on their own with their own devices. Family time has been crushed by the internet and this is not helping the world at large as children are getting more and more wayward due to lack of guidance.

However, what we know is that there is one thing that can rectify this problem and that is playing games. Yes, unbelievable right, but it’s true. Evidence shows that playing games with your kid immensely help in creating the parent-child bond. Forget about online games at PayPal casino for a moment and focus on indoor games. Below are some of the games you can play with your kid to grow closer to each other.

Board and family games
Board games are the easiest games to play with your kids. Whether they are yet to go to school, of school age or they are in their teens, there is a board game for you. Board games are also great in that you are not limited to the number of players, a family of three; five or even ten can participate in board games all at once. Some of the top board games to try include Candy Land, Guess Who, Chess, Monopoly Junior, Cranium, Clue, Monopoly, and Scrabble among others.

Card Games
Card games are another great option to choose from. Card games do not only help you bond with your kid perfectly but they help your kids’ cognitive development. Some of the top card games that you can play with your kids include Rolling Fish, War, Go Fish, Rummy, Beggar My Neighbour, Snip, Snap, Snorem, and Crazy Eights.

Pencil and paper games

Pencil and paper games are also another great option to choose from when you want to help bring your kids closer to you while at the same time helping them to exercise their creative, cognitive and problem-solving skills. These are some pencil and paper games that you can play with your kids, Countdown, Head Bodies and Legs, Sprouts, Battleships, Dots and Boxes, and Consequences.


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