Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Child Safety – How to Entertain Guests and Stay Safe at Home

If your little one is anything like every other child on the face of the planet, you’ll have noticed that they seem to have made it their mission in young life to find as many inconceivable ways as possible to injure not just themselves but everyone around them and burn down the house in the process. You try your best to kid-proof your home, but how can you keep your children safe when you’re expecting company and there will be lots of activity? Check out our child safety guide to how to entertain guests and stay safe at home.

1. Out of Reach

Carrying on from the intro, we must of course begin our top five with a very obvious but pertinent message: keep small objects out of reach of young children. This includes ‘nibbles’ such as nuts or pretzels that have been left open on tables for guests. These small items are curious objects to children, who experience the world through their mouths (children check everything that can fit in their hands for whether or not it is food). Avoid choking hazards by keeping these small objects out of reach.

2. Age appropriate Toys

OK, we’ve just covered choking hazards, but an extension of that point is to ensure your child only plays with age appropriate toys. Toys are a great way to keep your child entertained, and your house may contain some toys that are intended for slightly older children. Remember that your attention is going to be divided when entertaining guests. Toys intended for older children can often come with detachable pieces of plastic that pose a hidden but very real choking hazard. Your child will naturally be attracted to these toys, and you should stay vigilant.

3. Dinner Party - Stay out of the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a hectic and dangerous place for adults, let alone small children. When you are preparing for a dinner party, anything in the kitchen that can get hot has probably been heated up. Anything sharp or pointy has probably been taken out of a drawer. The odd accidental spillage has probably made the floor a bit of an ice rink. And if it’s got hinges, it’ll be opening and closing every few seconds as food is variously put into or taken out of different appliances. Keep small children away from these dangers.

4. Candles

Everybody loves a decorative candle. From filling the house with your favourite aromas to simply enjoying the aesthetic of a candle lit evening, they are inescapable. They are also fascinating to tiny hands that will want to investigate the flickering open flame that is never usually this close. Keeping candles in the centre of tables is a great to way help keep them out of reach of small hands.

5. Fairy Lights

Going back to our earlier point of children wanting to taste anything that they can physically hold, low hanging decorative lights pose a double hazard of choking and electrocution. Always make sure your fairy lights are out of reach of small hands. 

Want to spread the message about child safety in the home during party times and events? Why not help other parents to realise the hidden dangers of child safety by hanging a caution sign somewhere visible, such as in your break room at work or in school foyers. See the huge range of customizable warning signs at mysafetysign.com and stay safe whatever your plans.


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