Monday, October 16, 2017

The Top 5 Toys for Christmas 2017

Christmas has been dubbed as one of the happiest seasons by most people. For children, it is a season of gifts and toys. With only a couple of months before that day, we should already have an idea of what to give our kids. If you haven't yet, then here is a list of some of the best toys for Christmas that the not naughty, but nice kids would surely love to receive from Santa.

1. Lego Toys
This remarkable toy of interlocking plastic bricks has captivated both the kids and the kids at heart. Through the years, the designs you can create with these plastic bricks have become so varied and complicated. Now, anything from animals to cars can be yours. You can even build a city with it. The most exciting part about playing with Lego toys is that you have to build them yourself. Their latest collections include Batman and Star Wars characters. They also have the new Lego Boost, which allows children to form simple robots from scratch.

2. Toy Robots
Toy robots will always be on top of the kids’ lists, more so now that everything is getting technologically advanced. You can choose from battery-operated ones with remote controls to those that can be manipulated using a Smartphone application, like the Sphero R2-D2. Choices can also be based on what you want your kids to get out of these toys. Some toy robots can teach programming, coding, or building techniques. There are also some toy robots, like Fisher Price’s Teach and Tag Movi, that are made especially for toddlers. Although the technologies by which these toy robots are made have already changed a lot, the happiness it brings is still the same.

3. Play Sets
Children who love to watch cartoon series from televisions will love the Ben 10 Rust and the PJ Masks Headquarters play sets. These toys will give your kids a chance to play with their favorite cartoon characters using their imaginations. For little girls, the Enchantimals Panda will be a fantastic choice. Unlike the playsets sold last decade, these toys are now more interactive. They also come with amazing light and sounds.

4. Foam Cars
Toy cars have been staple Christmas gifts for kids since anyone can remember. Different styles of toy cars have come and gone over the years. This year, Nerf has upped the ante by launching the Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally. Your kids can form amazing stunts with these foam cars.

5. Dolls
Dolls are excellent gifts for girls for every occasion. These toys now come in varied shapes and sizes. They are even age-coordinated for the child who will play with it. One of the most popular dolls this year is the life-like baby doll Luva Bella. This blonde baby doll responds like a real baby. It also talks, drinks, laughs, and plays peek-a-boo.

Nothing makes children giddier than waiting for Santa’s surprise on Christmas Eve, hoping that the wrapped gifts under the tree are exactly what they asked for.


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