Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Which is Better: Hot Brew Coffee VS. Cold Brew Coffee?

Coffee can be prepared using two methods, ie, hot brew method and cold brew method. A cup of hot coffee helps to keep you warm in cold seasons while in hot seasons chilled or cold coffee is the best choice. Hot coffee is quite easy to make, and most people are familiar with this method. You can use a variety of equipment such as mocha pot, French press or even Chemex. The process of making the coffee requires you to pour hot over ground coffee and later sieve to extract the crude coffee residue. When it comes to the cold brew process, the method is different altogether since you need more time, coffee and cold water whereby you mix coffee with water at room temperature and leave it for a while to extract the coffee through a drip. There is a huge difference between the cold and hot coffee which can be seen in their texture, time used in the preparation and also the effects they both have in your system.

Read below the things that differentiate the two ways of preparing coffee so you can make the right choice on the best method to use.

The favor.

Coffee beans consist of different compounds such as sugars, oils, and other aromatic flavors. The coffee takes time to diffuse and mix these ingredients which form the taste you feel when taking your cup of coffee. In the case where you use hot water, the heat speeds up the process hence making the oxidation process to occur fast. Some of the ingredients may be lost which happens through the process of evaporation hence reducing the flavor of the coffee . when it comes to cold brew; the process is entirely different since first of all the process is quite slow as compared to the hot brew process. Also, cold brew process ensures that all flavors and compounds found in the coffee beans are retained hence giving the real taste of coffee. Therefore, if you are looking for a cup of coffee that will make you an excellent flavor, then cold brew method is the best choice.

Amount of coffee to use.

The amount of the coffee ground to use when making coffee using the two methods matters a lot. When it comes to hot brew, the coffee required is less since the process is fast and the steam from the water fastens the oxidation process. Cold coffee brew method requires a lot of coffee since you can use up to thrice amount of what you used to prepare your hot cup of coffee. The process is slow, and a lot of coffee is required to help in ensuring a good amount of coffee is extracted from the beans. So if you are saving on your coffee usage especially in an office with many employees, the hot brew way is the right choice.

The level of caffeine.

Note that the two methods affect substantially the level of caffeine that is going to be in the coffee. Hot brew method fastens the oxidation process whereby the compounds in the coffee are broken down at the same rate to create a balance of sugars and acidity as well. Cold brew is different as the process is quite slow and the breakdown of the coffee compounds take different times to be broken down. This results in the formation of coffee that is sweeter and less acidic. So if you would like a cup of coffee that has high caffeine consider preparing a hot cup and vice versa.


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Well, I don't use such complicated measures I have to say! I just use my mr. coffee. For hot coffee, just grounds and water. Then for ice coffee....add ice! simpleton I am, but it's easy!!!!

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