Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Toys Now at Target!

My littlest guys has become a Nick Jr fanatic. In fact, I can’t think of one show he doesn’t love, or I don’t love for what he is taught through them.  This month however his absolute favorites are Blue’s Clues and Ben and Holly's Magical Kingdom.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom is a British animated television series originally broadcast on Nickelodeon UK, and now found on Nick Jr here in America. The show is set in the Little Kingdom, ruled by King and Queen Thistle, tiny fairies. The ruling family live in the Little Castle, and have three daughters Holly, Daisy and Poppy.  Holly’s best friend is Ben, who is an Elf.

With the show’s popularity rising we’ve been impatiently waiting for the release of toys correlating to the show. Every time we're in the store my son is scoring the shelves in hopes of finding his favorite fairy and elf friends. And the time has come! Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom toys are on here!

We checked out four amazing toys in the Ben & Holly line. The Little Castle with Holly, Daisy & Poppy is a super fun playset standing 12” high and feature two-stories of play space. This set has four rooms filled with unique details, accessories like beds, couches and other furnishing little ones can use to create their own version of “Little Castle” and of course it also comes equipped with Holly, Daisy and Poppy figures.

When playtime is over, all contents fit back into the castle and it can be closed and carried with handle.

The Royal Car with Holly & Nanny Plum is an 8” purple car equipped with Holly and Nanny Plum figures that fit perfectly into the seats. The car rolls, doors open and on the hood you’ll find a crown, when the crown is pressed Holly speaks or the show’s theme plays.  

Have your own fairy tea party with the Fairy Tea Party set. The 5” playset comes with two figures, Holly and Violet, and a toadstool chair and table set for tea party fun!

Lastly we checked out Magic Movers 4-Pack. These super cool buggies each feature a Ben & Holly’s Magical Kingdom characters -Holly, Ben, Barnaby, and Violet – that move up and down as kids push the buggy along.  These figures are non-removable.

These toys and more are available from Target stores and online starting at $19.99. More Ben & Holly toys to be added, so check back often for your little fan. 


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