Saturday, July 30, 2016

5 Tips to Meeting the Woman of your Dreams in 2017

It is already 2017, and you probably have yet to find your soulmate who you can finally settle things with in a marriage. Last year probably did not work out too well for your dating strategy. But remember, a small problem should not hinder you from finding the woman of your dreams. She may be just around the corner, so do not let your unfortunate experiences from past years deter you from your goal – you just have to know how to find her. Follow these 5 tips to finally meet the woman of your dreams this year.

1. Create a great first impression.
Every person that you meet for the first time creates a lasting impression in your mind. And that impression sets the way on how you will deal with new people. Moreover, it could also serve as the basis on how far your relationship can go.

This is also true for a woman who meets a guy for the first time. In fact, women are extremely attracted to guys who can catch their attention even if it is just their first meeting. Practice on leaving a good impression on every woman you have just met and, who knows, you might be the one that she will consider her worthy man.

2. Know a woman’s interests.
If you want to create an impression that will make a woman take you seriously for a relationship then you have to do it in her comfort zone. For example, rather than going to the bar to look for women, just like the other guys are probably doing, visit her favorite park and join her for a jog.

Women really appreciate it if they are taken by men seriously. So why not go to a local café or the library, give some time to talk to her,  and know what she is into over a cup of coffee.

3. Engage in ‘girly’ activities.
Although this may not sound very exciting for most men, engaging in 'girly' activities can take you closer to a woman's heart. Take for example a pottery or cooking class wherein the participants are mostly women. It takes out the entire competition compared to going to a bar where many men are also looking for women. You can also have a more relaxed conversation with her while doing the class works. As a bonus, you can also ask her to teach you the basics to be able to spend more time together!

4. Meet different women.
Do not constrain yourself with the women you usually see every day at work or in the neighborhood. Go out and explore! You will definitely encounter a lot of different people and, perhaps, you can finally meet the woman of your dreams.

Aside from meeting new people, interracial dating is also a great thing to try. People have different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences to share which makes a relationship more interesting. Meet people of different races and get into interracial relationships. If you’re a white guy, meet black women who are outside your normal circle.

5. Be yourself.

Lastly, do not try to be someone you’re not. Be yourself and do your best to be the worthy man for the woman you really like. This may sound cliché, but staying true to yourself will make a woman fall in love with you more.


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