Monday, July 3, 2017

5 Things to Teach Your Children from an Early Age

There are hundreds of things you can teach your kiddo throughout their life, but there are a few essentials that enrich both their childhood and adulthood. While some dads might think MLB clothing is a must-have for their little sports fans-to-be, there are simply a couple other musts that benefit kiddos a bit more. Read on to learn the 5 things you should teach your children from an early age.

How to Read and Love Great Books

Literacy is one of the best, most precious gifts you can give to your child. The ability to read and truly love a great book will allow them to escape into whole new worlds as adults, when life and work get a little too stressful. Plus, reading together promotes a strong bond, as bedtime stories are remembered as fond childhood memories.

How to Show Kindness and Acceptance to Others

A day will come when your child will feel unaccepted, or even bullied, by someone else. However, if you instill a love of self and a love for others within your kiddo, they are better equipped to deal with the rudeness of others. And, for the record, kindness and acceptance are contagious. Therefore, when your child shows respect for others, they will likely receive the same respect in return.

How to Care for and Respect Animals

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to have a sincere respect for animals and all living creatures. Therefore, kindness and care towards animals is a significant thing to teach your children. There are so many news stories that detail animal cruelty, and you want your kids to go in the opposite direction. Teach them that love and care of animals is important.

How to Handle Financial Situations

Writing checks has become almost obsolete, but those financial aspects have been replaced with others, like doing math to balance a debit card or making credit card payments. Since most schools don’t teach everyday life skills, you should work with your children to help them understand finances. Run through scenarios, give them imaginary money for these situations, and teach them how to manage their spending and save their earnings.

Manners, Manners, and More Manners

Please and thank you are still bigtime components in teaching kids respect of others and respect for themselves. Go through the steps to help them become polite and kind, with please, thank you, excuse me, and you are welcome. Manners make a difference. And they are attributes that children will carry with them through the rest of their lives.

Use the aforementioned article as a list of guidelines or suggestions on what your children should learn. Remember to instill kindness, acceptance, and love, while encouraging a bond that lasts between you and your child forever.


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