Friday, June 9, 2017

Starpath Dolls ( 18-inch) Forever Friends that Spark Imagination

Dolls hold a special place in my own childhood memories immersed in imaginative play. In this age of technology, sometimes that imaginative bond gets lost. I was really please to introduce my daughter to Starpath Dolls, a new best friend. A friend she can form memories with, and connect with in a fun and imaginative way. 

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“Starpath Dolls, a brand new toy concept is giving the doll/child experience a whole new meaningful and fun level where girls ages 5-9 can escape into magical, personalized chapter books starring them and their dolls.” – Starpath Dolls
What makes Starpath Dolls really stand out above the rest, is the unique experience of choosing your new best friend from one of four dolls 18-inch dolls—Morning Star, Shining Star, Wishing Star and Wandering Star— and then creating a personalized adventure for your child and their dolls to star in.

Starpath Dolls
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My daughter thought really hard upon choosing her doll and found something special in the Latina doll – Wandering Star – whom she has named Skylar. She just thought she was really beautiful and as she ages tends to choose dolls whose looks differ from her own. She prefers variety in looks, style, and ethnicity.

18 inch Doll

The really special part for her though, was when her paperback adventure arrived. When you purchase a Starpath Doll you also have the option to purchase a personalized book (you may also purchase just a book). You can choose from one of two chapter books, “A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong” or “Tiger Magic”, in either paperback ($20) or eBook ($15) versions. Then children are able to customize the book using the dolls own or given names, their name, and answer a variety of question to further personalize the book. Question include things like “What is/would be your dog’s name?” “Who is your best friend?” etc.

Doll and Book

Prior to receiving her books she was really enjoying her doll, but the book took her excitement to a whole new level. With each turn of the page her intrigue grew. She kept running to me to show me what facts the next chapter held about her, like her schools name, or town she lives in. She has already read the book multiple times and asked if I could order “Tiger Magic” for her next.

Personalized Books

With Starpath Dolls you’ll not only find beauty in their 18 inch doll collection, but imagination and growth in the customized books also available for purchase. These dolls would make an excellent gift any time of year.

Starpath Dolls will be available online and at select retailers throughout the United States for the MSRP of $79. For more information, or to order, visit

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I really appreciate the fact you can personalize a book with the doll. What an excellent idea and gift!

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The details to this doll are beautiful.

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