Friday, May 12, 2017

Extended Outdoor Fun with Reactorz from COOP Sports

Its been a real adjustment coming from Florida to Minnesota. Coming off of our first COLD winter experience in 9 years, spring/summer can’t and couldn’t come soon enough. We will never again take for granted warm weather and outdoor fun. So, with the first new bloom, I was looking for fun outdoor products my kids could use in the yard or on a trip to the lake or playground.

Last year, COOP Sports, brought us fun in the form of Scatter Dodgeball, and this year they didn’t fail to disappoint with a fabulous collection of fun, from pool and beach toys to backyard favorites.

Coop- Reactorz are fun for all ages! Footballs, soccer balls, basketballs and more, with a twist.

COOP-Sports Outdoor Games

Reactorz feature built-in LEDs which create a flash of light with each toss, catch or bounce. Now that my kids are finally able to go outside and enjoy the weather, warming up more each day, it’s tough to get them back in. With Reactor balls that game of catch can last a little bit longer with Reactive Light Technology. I love peeking out the window seeing my kids running, catching, and playing. I adore seeing their reaction with each burst of light, and their smiles from being able to enjoy their outdoor time just a little bit longer.


We have been enjoying Reactorz Soccer and Playground balls, and I'm finding it hard to express what a big hit they really were.  The 8” Playground Ball is easy for kids hands to grip and throw. With their imaginations it has no limits; from a game of kickball to catch. We love the colors, design, bounce, and of course, the lights!

Reactorz Playground Ball

Reactorz Size 4 Soccer Ball ($17.99) is the perfect ball for my boys to bring down to the local field for a little day time fun or a game at dusk.  The light pattern in the soccer ball varies a bit, as stated on “the core refracts light while the shield blocks it, creating a unique lighting effect and interactive experience between the ball and players.”

Reactorz Soccer Ball

Looking to hit the beach, lake or pool? COOP also has an awesome line of Hydro all condition recreational sports gear. The Hydro line is 100% water proof, so whether you’re looking to play a game of catch in the pool or tossing the football on the beach, game play is uninterrupted. We haven’t made it to warm enough days to enjoy the Hydro line in the water, we are hoping for a Memorial Day debut, but we have enjoyed a game of catch with the Hydro Football.

Hydro Football

The Hydro Football is brightly colored and just screams summer. However, the bright, waterproof design doesn’t take away from its sturdy construction. Sized right for hands of all ages, the double-tuck synthetic laces makes throwing spirals easier and it features a durable inflatable bladder, for fun that will last more than one summer, at just $12.99. Parents will enjoy this one too! The Hydro Football is my husband and sons new go-to football for tossing around at the local park. We can't wait to see it in action at the lake come Memorial Day.

Light up balls

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