Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Budget Friendly Memorial Day Fun for Kids and even Pets!

The weather is warming and the start of summer is just around the corner. Compiled below is a list of budget friendly outdoor games, fun products to help kids cool off and even outdoor fun for our four-legged loves.

American Plastic has a 50 + year history of Made in America, injection molded and affordable toys, which include seasonal fun, ride-ons, sports, role-play toys and more! 

This summer combines role-play and sports with the Junior Pro Golf Set.

Toddler Golf Set

Be just like Dad (or Mom) and learn the basics. With the Junior Pro Golf Set ($14.99), kids can now create their own putting green right in the backyard. The complete set includes one portable caddy, two putters, two flags, four golf balls, one tee, and two target holes. When the 18 holes are complete, pack the equipment into the caddy and roll off for easy storage and clean up.

Nothing says summer like Baseball! T-Ball Set

T-Ball for Toddlers

Play ball! Children can learn how to play baseball with the American Plastic Toys T-ball set ($14.99). Great for beginners, the T-Ball set features a sturdy base with an adjustable tee height making it perfect for those tiny new batters. The colorful set includes a tee, one bat, and two plastic baseballs, as well. 

When the temperatures start to rise have a little fun with Prime Time toys. What Prime Time Toys has done for the dart blaster with Dart Zone®, they are about to do for the water blaster. Their talented team of product innovators is launching a new collection of water blasters exclusively at Wal-Mart arriving in-stores January 2017. The Adventure Force™ line of water blasters will bring a new splash of fun to the backyard this Spring and Summer! This colorful collection takes the water fight to a new level with powerful precision performance and exciting action - all offered at Prime Time Toys’ signature affordable pricing. 

Available Wal-Mart and

Super Storm
Ages 6+, $16.88

Getting the upper-hand in competition has never been easier with the Super Storm water blaster. For the longest lasting continual play, the Super Storm features a 68-ounce size tank and pressurized water blaster action that will send water soaring up to 38 feet! The Super Storm blaster nozzle has three adjustable power blast nozzles – Super Soak Blast, Long-Range Blast, and Quad-Stream Blast with four Water Streams. Use the pump conveniently located on the front end of the water blaster to build pressure for the ultimate wet down! Then, press the trigger to blast a continuous stream of water.

Hydro Storm 6-Pack
Ages 4+, $9.88

The Hydro Storm is the ULTIMATE VALUE PACK! Double the fun with the Hydro Storm blaster set. For just $9.88, this bundle includes SIX water blasters. The compact squirt guns, featuring quick action and easy refill, project water up to 25 feet. 

Battle Blaster 
Ages 6+, $12.88

Just like the Prime Time’s Dart Zone® dart blasters, the Battle Blaster brings a tactical element for every battle! This power pump water blaster performs with excellent precision aided by the detachable scope. Catch your enemy in the crosshairs to ensure maximum accuracy and drench your opponent. 

Ages 6+, $4.97

Send your opponents home drenched with the Tempest Blaster. This blaster packs a punch firing up to 30 feet. Slide the pump forward to load and pull back to blast your opponents with a repetitive stream of water.

It's no secret our four-legged friends love the outdoors too! Petmate is passionate about providing fun, trusted quality products worldwide to enhance the lives of pets and their families

Chuckit! Breathe Right® Fetch Ball 

Run farther and fetch longer with this high performance ball designed to facilitate breathing and airflow into dogs’ lungs while running and fetching! Its patented proprietary construction. Is compatible with all Chuckit! Launchers.

Chuckit! Hydro Roller 


Designed to hold and release water for a new play dynamic, this Hydro Roller helps keep dogs cool in spring and summer weather. With high-visibility on water or land it’s the coolest way to play fetch! It can be used for a variety of play types including: fetch, tug, flyer and roller.


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