Thursday, April 6, 2017

Worthwhile Ways to Reduce Distractions at Home and Enjoy a More Productive Environment

Many people are very proud of their homes and love putting a significant amount of effort into personalizing them. Your abode might be filled with furniture, textiles, and appliances you adore and have worked hard to afford, but it could also be a place where it’s hard to get work done, especially if your home is typically filled with distractions. There are many ways to reduce those negative aspects and get more done.

Set Expectations

Your friends, neighbors, and family members could unintentionally create many distractions that reduce your output. That’s why it’s so important to do what you can to communicate clearly and let them know when you’re working and when you’re free.

That might mean saying, “Sorry, I’m working on my book draft until three this afternoon” if your friend asks if you’re available to get coffee with her at 2:30 and letting the kids know they have to play outside in the fenced backyard until at least 1:30 on a given afternoon so you can get the bulk of the housework done.

Make sure you also use technology to your advantage by setting up auto-responder text messages, voicemail recordings, and emails when you’re busy. Initially, people may be disappointed you’re not able to drop everything and be available for them right away, but should soon understand you’re not trying to neglect them and just want to make practical use of your time.

Understand and Tackle Things That Are Most Likely to Distract You

Before you can start to make real progress in cutting out distractions, it’s necessary to identify the things that most commonly cause your mind to wander. Maybe your attention shifts every time you hear your mobile phone vibrate when you receive app notifications or you just can’t stop yourself from going to Facebook every few minutes to get the latest news from people in your social network.

Once you’re aware of your most prominent distractors, take matters into your own hands as much as possible. If mobile phone notifications are to blame, fixing the problem is as easy as muting the device and stashing it in a bag or drawer so you won’t see the screen light up.

There are also several tools you can use to block online distractions. Some of them are highly customizable so you can specify barring access to particular sites for only certain portions of the day. Those are good to use if you want to get as much done as possible during a defined span of time but access the distracting sites when you take a break for lunch.

Research Ways to Keep Your Focus Sharp

The steps you’ve already read about will help you make meaningful changes in your home environment so it’ll be a better place to work or study. However, in addition to altering your space to keep it free of the most bothersome distractions, it’s also a good idea to consciously seek other ways to stay focused that you may not have known about previously.

The resources you can depend on for expanding your knowledge are found in various places. For example, if you’ve decided to learn more about UAB’s online MBA degree, you’ll see that one of the supplementary pages on that program’s website teaches you methods for feeling more energized and increasing your focus. They include taking a walk and doing yoga poses.

These tips will get you off to a strong start if you’ve become fed up by the way your home has become a distracting place. That’s a common concern, but one you can easily improve. Keep in mind that although some of the suggestions mentioned take time and patience to implement, your efforts will almost certainly pay off.


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