Monday, April 10, 2017

Prompting Young Minds To Develop Proactively

Assisting Brain Development

The mind will develop naturally, as will muscles. That should tell you all you need to know right there. Because if muscles develop naturally, why are so many children in America overweight to an unhealthy degree? Because in America, there are a lot of activities and substances toxic to normal, healthy growth.

The same is true for the mind. While substances like soda and candy rot the teeth and inhibit healthy development, mental activities and lack of exercise likewise stunt the brain’s growth over time. But the good news is, even a misspent youth can be curtailed by proactive brain-positive activity later on.

That being said, it’s also possible for you to maximize the growth of your brain, and the brains of your young ones, in a proactive way. This will involve several things. Firstly, you’re going to want to create a pro-cognitive, physically intensive environment.

The brain grows new cells when there is a ubiquity of physical activity. During youth and adolescence, developing children naturally have a great deal of energy. That energy leads to activity, and the non-jaded working of the mind helps stimulate neural growth.
Providing an atmosphere to stimulate such exigencies will encourage braincell growth.

But you’ve got to do more than provide a good working environment. You’ve got to provide a good thinking environment. That involves properly inculcating an attitude of outward development. This is harder than using a supplement or facilitating exercise; it can’t be forced. The individual must proactively decide.

Creating An Environment Of Success

Helping your young one come to such a conclusion is best done by helping them see the true value in growing their mind. To that end, giving them a project with a tangible positive result can help reinforce the mind.

Now you’ve provided the proper “mental gym”. In order to encourage more expedient growth, you’ll want to provide workout supplements. Like body builders use whey protein and other ingested things to enhance their build, it turns out healthy mind-building supplements exist.

As you scour the market for supplements designed to facilitate increased brain activity, you might consider Alpha Brain which, according to, “…is a nootropic compound designed to increase your memory, enhance your focus, and improve your energy throughout the day.”

Another way you can help improve your brain activity is through ingestion of coffee. Coffee is an analgesic which surrogates certain normal functionality of the brain, and successfully. The only downside is that it can become addictive over time. As a matter of fact, if you quit drinking coffee suddenly, you’ll likely get a headache.

The reason is that your brain isn’t used to providing the natural substance which caffeine surrogates. So when that surrogate is suddenly removed, it must work doubly hard to replace it, and the result is a headache. You can get rid of it by ingesting more caffeine, but it takes several hours for ingested caffeine to have its previous analgesic effect.

Some Final Thoughts

You can double down on substances that assist in mental development by employing Alpha Brain and caffeine sourced naturally through coffee, though you must be careful to wean yourself from the juice of the coffee bean slowly, or headaches will occur. If you use this technique with youngsters, advise them of the same.

What your child does with their body and their mind can be aided by parents into proactive cognitive growth. So be a good influence and help your child to develop cognitively by making the proper tools for the job readily available to them.  


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