Monday, April 10, 2017

Fun and Affordable Easter Baskets Treats; Sweeter than Candy!

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Can you believe it is almost Easter? This year when filling those baskets, think beyond traditional sweet treats to affordable new goodies from American Plastic Toys and Prime Time Toys! Non-candy baskets fillers, last longer, are just as enjoyable, and don’t typically lead to a dental visit.

From Prime Time Toys kids will be blasted into spring with a fun lineup of water toys.

Available Wal-Mart and
Super Storm
Ages 6+, $16.88

Getting the upperhand in competition has never been easier with the Super Storm water blaster.  For the longest lasting continual play, the Super Storm features a 68-ounce size tank and pressurized water blaster action that will send water soaring up to 38 feet! The Super Storm blaster nozzle has three adjustable power blast nozzles – Super Soak Blast, Long-Range Blast, and Quad-Stream Blast with four Water Streams.  Use the pump conveniently located on the front end of the water blaster to build pressure for the ultimate wet down!  Then, press the trigger to blast a continuous stream of water.

Hydro Storm 6-Pack
Ages 4+, $9.88

The Hydro Storm is the ULTIMATE VALUE PACK! Double the fun with the Hydro Storm blaster set.  For just $9.88, this bundle includes SIX water blasters.  The compact squirt guns, featuring quick action and easy refill, project water up to 25 feet. 

This set is great for breaking apart for use in multiple baskets and made for a favorite in our household. Was nice is the top filling system, for less leaks and more wet fun!

Hurricane Reusable Water Balls 7-Pack
Ages 5+, $9.99

These Balls are SELF-SEALING!  No waiting!  No fumbling with tiny water balloon knots!  Hurricane Balls fill and seal with a quick squeeze.  Fill ‘em up and drench your friends right away!  With a Durable Soft Shell, Hurricane Balls are Reusable AGAIN and AGAIN!  Up to 1,000 Splashes!  Toss, throw, play, and splash – wherever-whenever with Hurricane Reusable Water Balls!

From American Plastics you’ll find affordability and creativity making for the perfect basket fillers.  

Character Vehicle Assortment
$1.99, Ages 1 ½+

Kids, characters and vehicles = fun and imaginative play from American Plastic Toys. The new character vehicle assortment includes all the kids’ favorites - airplanes, tug boats and construction trucks.  These vehicles feature fun character faces and bright colors that create hours or engaging play. 

At this price point you couldn’t ask for more.  My son adores his Character Vehicles from imaginative high flying fun with the airplane and helicopter to taking his dump truck for a spin collecting smaller play vehicles along the way. The tug boats have even become a bath time staple, though the sticker eyes will peel some when wet.

Sea Creature Shovels
$0.99, Ages 1 ½+

American Plastic Toys puts a fun twist on the classic beach shovel with the new Sea Creature collection.  Kids can dig in with a silly octopus or a quirky lobster to create fun patterns and shapes in the sand. 

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