Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Bedroom is More Than Just A Room With A Bed In It


When you add up everyone that lives under your roof, you start to realize how crazy that atmosphere can become. An average sized family in an average sized home can very quickly start to get on top of each other, which is why our bedrooms are such an important part of the house. The bedroom is our space, or place, our sanctuary, our bit of peace and quiet, that escape from the noise, and that room where we can catch our breath. That’s why it is so crucial we spruce them up a bit every now and again.

Of course, wanting to decorate and being able to afford it are two entirely different things; unless you know just how to upgrade each bedroom in a purse-friendly manner, that is.


The Writing’s On The Wall
Our bedroom walls offer us such a great chance to personalize and improve on a budget. It could be that we go with a gallery wall of photographs, in which you can have pictures of your kids and your kids can have pictures of old Hollywood icons, or cars, or whatever they are interested in. But that isn’t all you can do. Why not go through old magazines and make a collage wall yourself, or get some funky wallpaper to make a feature wall? You could equally decorate one wall in a load of mismatched mirrors or big frames filled with little mementos you’ve picked up over the years.


Sleep On It
The centerpiece of a bedroom, any bedroom is the bed. Unless you are Edward Cullen, there are no two ways about it. What’s more, everyone in your family is going to have different preferences, so it is up to each person decide what makes the perfect bed. Would your son prefer a futon, which would mean more space in the day? Is a gel mattress worth considering? What about adding a little bit of color to the frame, a bit of paint? All of these are subjective, of course, but they’ll add to the room hugely. The little things always do. Throws, cushions, new duvet covers, a new headboard; it all makes a bedroom more personal.


Extra Seating
When we want to get that little bit of peace and quiet by running up to our rooms, we want to have a little more option than leaping onto the bed. Maybe we just want somewhere to sit down and read for a minute. Maybe your son just wants somewhere he can get comfortable, plug in headphones and play PlayStation, and your daughters want somewhere they can read; that’s where extra seating comes in. You may fancy a chaise lounge to make your room that much more Parisian, while your son may want a wicked-comfy blow-up sofa, and your daughter a hanging basket chair that she can curl up in. Maybe a hammock is on your list of desirables? There are plenty of low-cost options out there when you look around, especially on the internet, and each of these bedroom ideas will replicate their personalities and, well, that’s what you want, really.


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