Friday, March 10, 2017

Happy Kids = Easy Move

As most moms and dads will know, keeping your children calm during a period of great upheaval is a true test of your parenting abilities. Many of the things our children go through in their young lives are beyond their comprehension, so it falls to us parents to make things as easy and as happy for them as possible. Once such example of this is when you move house as a family. For kids, this can be a scary and uncertain time. All they have ever known is the house they grew up in, the neighborhood and their friends - so the prospect of leaving all that behind is understandably worrying for them. Chances are you will find the move stressful too, what with the hassle of actually finding somewhere that meets all your requirements on top of selling your current place. So, with that in mind, the last thing you are going to want to deal with is an upset and distressed child all the way up until moving day. Moving house can be emotional, but it can also be fun and exciting - here are some ways you can easily teach your children that so your move goes without a hitch.

Explain things early on

Even before you have properly started looking at new properties, it is worth informing your children of what your plans are. Kids don't like to be kept in the dark, and most can tell when you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes. Sit them down and explain to them why people move house and why you have decided to do so - remember that your child won't have any concept of the property market and what different areas are like, so try and put it in layman's terms for them.

Get them involved with the move

It isn't just going to be you who's living in the new house - so bring your kids along to viewings too. Most children have a rose-tinted view of their own homes and in their minds view every other place as scary and strange. So, by seeing the potential new houses for themselves, it can help to put them at ease and even excite them when they see what could be their new bedroom or garden. When the big day finally comes, speak to your moving companies about making things as easy as possible for your kids. For example, put their favorite toys onto the truck last, so that they see them go in and so they are the first things to be unpacked.

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Make a house a home

Those first few nights in a new house can sometimes feel a bit weird, almost as though you are a guest in someone else's property. Banish this unwelcome feeling by making a cozy den in your new living room where all the family can snuggle up together. If you don't yet have any proper furniture, use cushions and pillows to make a kind of nest on the ground. After a long day of moving you probably won't fancy cooking either, so treat your children to a takeout meal and settle down for a movie night. These special treats will distract them from missing their old house and you will be settled into the new place in no time.


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