Monday, February 27, 2017

Why Do Girls Love Dolls?

Children and toys are among the things that are inseparable in this world. No matter where you are or when you were born, toys are definitely a part of your childhood. But over those years, have you ever wondered why girls love dolls as much as boys love cars?
There have been studies made in the past searching for the connection between the toy preferences of children. Some researchers say that this is due to the hormones that the developing baby is exposed to. You can also find studies stating that there is a biological basis for why this is so. And all these boil down to helping boys and girls achieve their roles in society, just as how it has been defined in the past.
With all of the research done, it is amazing to know that little girls do prefer to play with dolls. They do touch other toys but they spend more time playing with dolls. Among the reasons being identified for this is that girls are more drawn to toys that have similar features to people. Also, because girls tend to have a nurturing nature that they probably mimic from their mothers, dolls are more appealing than other toys. But to this day, it is inconclusive as to why girls love dolls.
Even so, dolls are fun to play with. You can dress them up, play pretend, and basically use your imagination. Playing with dolls allow girls to develop their creativity as well as learn to become responsible for taking care of the doll. And with the many accessories and play sets that come with dolls these days, what’s not to love? You can find fashionable clothes and shoes, colorful and stylish hairstyles, kitchen and bedroom sets, and various themes like a salon, school, birthday party, and much more.
Dolls can also become collectibles. You can find limited edition dolls as well as not so ordinary dolls like Mattel's Monster High Dolls. They are not your typical looking dolls but these sure are a hit with their unique style. For those who are frequent travelers and into dolls, you might want to start a collection of dolls from all over the world. You will surely be amazed at the kind of dolls little girls play with in other parts of the world. Plus, it will be a unique keepsake instead of the usual keychain or fridge magnet.
Although there is still no clear reason as to why girls love dolls, the important thing is that we let children play. This does not only entertain them but also helps them develop their skills along the way. So if you’re cleaning up your closet and find a box full of dolls, you might want to give those a second look. You might have a limited edition doll on hand or a doll that a serious collector is looking for. If not, well, you can always find a group of little girls who will be very happy to play with your dolls.


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