Friday, February 17, 2017

An Efficient And Healthy Home All Year Round

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If you own your own home, there’s always a maintenance task that requires your attention. This ranges from fixing squeaky doors to repairing a hole in the roof. Sometimes it seems like it’s never ending. To prevent problems occurring, there are a few simple checks and steps you can put in place to run an efficient and healthy home all year round.

Safety And Security
We all need to feel a sense of safety and security in our environment. Psychologist Abraham Maslow identified this as one of our basic needs and suggested that humans are unlikely to lead happy and fulfilled lives unless these fundamental needs are met. To provide peace of mind that you and your family are safe and secure, ensure the following are in place:

  • Your home is protected from intruders by a secure alarm; additional provisions may need to be taken if you go on vacation
  • You have installed adequate locks on all doors and windows
  • All family members are aware of your fire escape plan
  • You check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors once a month; put this in your diary
  • Electrical equipment is switched off when not in use to protect against fires
  • Cables are checked regularly for signs of damage
  • Your home is kept clutter free to provide a healthy living environment and to avoid tripping hazards

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The Biggies
When it comes to home maintenance, start with the fundamentals. Before you can do anything else you have sort the roof. This protects the whole structure and problems here can lead to issues elsewhere. It’s simple to check for problems from the ground. If you’re unsure how to do this and suspect there may be an issue, call out the experts.

Windows and doors are also important and should be dealt with as a priority. A few times a year, and especially after the winter months, inspect them for signs of damage. Problems with windows and doors could lead to water seeping in. If installed correctly they will help conserve energy. They insulate your home during the winter, and in the summer they help keep it cool. So you could be losing money on energy if problems are not addressed.

If you have exposed pipes, they can be at risk of freezing during cold weather. A simple fix is to apply some heat tape. This generates consistent heat and will prevent your pipes from freezing and causing bursts and leaks.

It helps to put together a maintenance checklist. That way you can schedule in checks throughout the year. In most cases, this is not time-consuming. It’s a simple inspection, and more often than not it’s likely you won’t find any issues. If issues are identified, it’s likely that they can be rectified quickly and easily before they escalate, causing expensive damage to your home.

So, schedule in some regular checks and make a note when experts need to be called. For example, to ensure the boiler is running efficiently and is up to code. Prevention is better and cheaper than cure.


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