Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Queen's Treasure Laura Ingalls 18" Doll Review and Bundle Giveaway #LittleHouseMoment

For so many Little House on the Prairie holds a special place within our hearts, much like a special doll can hold a special place within a little girl’s heart. But what if the two were combine, making for the ultimate holiday gift for a Little House fan of any age.

Laura Ingalls Doll Box
"This post sponsored by Queen's Treasures. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced"
The Officially Licensed Queen's Treasures® Laura Ingalls18" Doll is guaranteed to take your imagination on a ride through time to the late 1800's. Designed to embody the spirit of the beloved Laura Ingalls, I was in awe of this doll straight from the box, and completely taken back by the quality craftsmanship seen and felt.

Laura Ingalls 18 in Doll

With an 8 year old girl in the home we have quite the collection of “18in dolls”, but none have impressed me quite as much. Beyond my love of Little House tilting my favoritism in the way of the Queens Treasure Laura Ingalls doll, there was something in the dolls almost porcelain like head and limbs, combined with vinyl shoulders and soft pose-able body that allowed you to see the amazing quality.

Little House Doll

She has an expressive face, tilt-close eyes and those pigtails we all remember so fondly. It’s a truly sweet doll, in which Laura’s innocence and kind-heart nature is captured perfectly in her eyelet ruffle-front nightgown and cap, complete with a rag doll, pillow, and gorgeous patchwork quilt. 

Queens Treasure Little House on the Prairie Doll

A must have this holiday season and beyond for any little house fan, or a parent looking for that doll that goes above and beyond. Inspiring the good nature of Laura Ingalls with beautiful details and loads of extra accessories available at TheQueensTreasures.com.

Laura Ingalls Little House Doll and Box

Love Little House as much as I do? You'll want to check out this exciting giveaway valued at $700+ dollars! Enter below now, to win a Queen's Treasures® Little House bundle including:

  • One Laura Ingalls Doll by The Queen’s Treasures. Retail value $99.99 
  • One Little House Wagon, one Little House Pony, and one Little House Pony w/Saddle by The Queen’s Treasures. Retail value $279.97 
  • Jack the Brindle Bull Dog and Shaker Boxes, Cooking Set, Dishes Set, and Kitchen Tool Set. Retail value $195.95 
  • Doll Clothing and Accessories by The Queen’s Treasures including: Child’s Apron & Cap, Prairie Dress Set, Little House Night Gown, and Little House Quilt & Basket. Retail value $89.96 
  • One Complete Collection DVD Set of the original Little House on the Prairie television series. Retail Value $120 
  • One DVD of the Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilderdocumentary. Retail Value $19.95 

Visit The Queen's Treasures® to see the amazing line of Little House on the Prairie Accessories, and check out the official website of Little House on the Prairie® which serves as a home for Little House fans and the culture that surrounds us, the books, and the TV series, for more information about the giveaway and all things Little House. That includes, crafts, recipes and educational content! 

Giveaway ends 11/25

Buy It: Find the Laura Ingalls Doll by The Queen's Treasures on the website and also available through Target for $99.99. 


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