Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Take the Mouthguard Challenge this Hoilday Season!

With the holiday buying season upon us, and so many great gift choices out there, it’s tough to decide what to get my older boys. One thing I have taken note of over the years however is that some of the best gifts they’ve received were the ones that involved family fun. That’s why this year we can’t help but recommend the hilariously funny and fun, Mouthguard Challenge Game.

Mouthguard Game Box

Based on the Youtube sensation with over 30 million views to date, Alex Mandel brings the newest Party game (Mouthguard Challenge) right to your home, and at a great price point. If you haven’t seen the fun head over to YouTube and see what a splash the “Mouthguard Challenge” is making, even with celebs!

Let the laughter ensue! They say laughter is the best medicine, well if that is true this game will leave you healthy for years. Seriously! It is that much fun, and that hysterical! Perfect for family fun night, you start out with 5 mouth guard pieces and a deck of cards. The deck of cards includes task and revenge cards, the tasks you are to preform while wearing the mouth guard and include objectives like describing something or drawing using your mouth and pen. Each card wither gives you points or takes them away! I will note you may need to keep a few napkins available because things can become "drooly", quickly.

The included mouthguards are dishwasher safe to keep things sanitary, and mom bonus! If they wanna play again you’ll find the dishes are done rather quickly.


Sometimes silly fun is the best fun. Everyone needs light heart fun in their lives, so why not bring a little extra laughter to holidays with the Mouthgaurd Challenge. If you love to laugh, you won’t be disappointed. In this age of technology it is sometimes hard to find a way to involve my teens in family activities, but they keep coming back for more of the Mothguard Challenge! Warning… Hilarious Snap Chats, videos and selfies may occur. Use caution when playing with teens.

Find the Mouthguard Challenge available now on for $14.99

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This game looks like so much fun! My kids would have a blast playing it and I will have to get this game for them for the Holidays!

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