Friday, July 29, 2016

The Importance of Allowing Your Child To Live A Happy Life

Nearly all parents want the best for their children, for them to be happy and live a fulfilling life. While there is a lot of focus on encouraging success and ambition in children, happiness can be overlooked and forgotten about. Most of all, children need to be loved and wanted to feel happy. But there are other steps you can take as well, to ensure your child was the best childhood they can possibly have.

Take Care Of Yourself

The first tip for creating a happy life for your child is to be happy yourself. While we cannot fully control their moods, we can change our own. As they will copy and replicate your moods and emotions, it is important to see how they are viewing you.

Start by looking at your own life and feelings, and decide where things can be improved. By growing up with emotionally stable and responsible adults, your child will reflect this and carry it into their own adult life. Set aside time to relax and de-stress, and work on maintaining strong relationships with your partner or friends.

Encourage Them To Build Relationships

In order to create a happy life, most people need to feel connected with others and enjoy strong and caring relationships. The feeling of being loved, wanted and understood will combat against any other problems in the child’s life. But your love alone isn’t enough; the child must feel the same emotions towards you and others. Work on letting them know how much you care for them, empathise with them and share things. Build up a group of people the child can rely on and share emotions with.
Socialising with others is also vital to a child’s development and standard of life. Arrange play dates with friends and encourage even the smallest act of kindness and friendship.

Allow Them To Express Themselves

Children don’t tend to get a lot of say as to how their lives are run. Even from a small age some will rebel against too much control or power on your account. Allow them to make some decisions and give them small responsibilities. Not only will this increase their feeling of self-worth, but it will also allow them to feel more confident and competent. This will carry into their adult lives, creating a more self-sufficient and accomplished individual. Knowing that their parents respect their decisions and listen to their opinions are obvious ways of increasing happiness.

Children are known for their tantrums and meltdowns, from crying and yelling to throwing things. But they don’t often act up for no reason. Shushing and shaming them every time they show emotion can lead to emotional problems and them struggling to express their emotions later on. Ask them what the problem is and how it can be solved.

Provide Them With The Right Tools

Ensuring they have all they need to live their lives to the full is something all parents want for their child. Allow them to explore their interests, and provide as many opportunities as you can for them. Prepare to endure a lot of trial and error, and try out different clubs and activities with them. They will eventually find their interests, and following these will promise a lifetime of satisfaction.

Ensuring they are in the right environment for them is vital as well. When moving house look at the schools in the areas and any community or social groups, check the new homes here by Entwistle Green and speak to the estate agents about your requirements. Providing a safe and comforting home will allow your children to grow up with as little worries as possible.

Praise And Reward

Unsurprisingly, self-esteem is vital to a child’s happiness. Most people know this and can go overboard with praise. The danger of rewarding the child every time they achieve something can lead to problems, though. If this is the only praise they hear, they will start to connect achievement with love and worry about underachieving.

The trick here is to alter the way you respond to them and praise the effort they put in rather than if they win or not. Explain to them that if they feel they tried their hardest, then that matters more than the end result. Do not criticize if they fail, sit down with them and work out what went wrong and how they can fix it. Encourage them to try again and not just give up, but if it is a subject that they are repeatedly struggling with, a different technique or form of attack should be considered.

Provide Them With A Healthy Lifestyle

Good health is important for anyone’s happiness, especially children. Set a proper routine for meals and bedtime, and ensure everyone sticks to it. Hunger can really affect a child’s mood, so offer regular snacks in between healthy meals. Sitting down and eating as a family will help to create and strengthen the bonds, and including them in the cooking process will also make them feel involved and useful.

Getting enough sleep is also vital to a child’s happiness and wellbeing. Sticking to a proper bedtime routine can help to get them off to sleep if you struggle, and don’t waver from this. Once a habit has been built, it will become much easier. A tired child can be cranky and irritable, lashing out and being unhappy for the rest of the day.

Playtime is also a part of a child’s healthy lifestyle. Let them play on their own as they want sometimes. While there is a lot of focus on structured play and learning, playing for the sake of enjoyment can often be over-looked. Leave them to it and let them do their own thing sometimes, it will allow them to be creative and explore for themselves.

Overall, the key to a happy child is to surround them with love and happiness and allow them to explore their own interests. Provide them with a healthy lifestyle, and opportunities to live a fuller life and develop their own style and passions.


Janet W. said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I definitely agree with praise and reward! My grandsons feel so great about themselves when they earn something!

Shelly Peterson said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Such great information here. I love the one about taking care of yourself. They learn so much from what they see and it starts with you being happy yourself. Thanks for sharing.

Maryann D. said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This article is super. I totally agree with the key to a happy child is to surround them with love and happiness.
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These are some really great tips and I need to remember to be a happier mom.

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These are great tips! I so agree with you!

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what a interesting and great post,lots of good tips and advice

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