Friday, July 1, 2016

Technology at a Preschool Level with the @FisherPrice Code-a-pillar™ Now @BestBuy #ad

In this age of technology it was only a matter of time before toys got an upgrade. Imagine a toy that gave your child hands-on experience and reflected a new way for them to learn, build, and grow. Now check out the new Code-a-pillar™ from Fisher Price.
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The next level of toys are upon us and now the littlest of learners are inspired to be the biggest thinkers! The Fisher Price Code-a-Pillar™ is fun, engaging, and allows little user to create their own way. The Code-a-pillar™ comes out of the box including 8 pieces. Each pieces shows a direction or even sound. The way you connect the pieces influences how the code-a-pillar will move across the ground.

Engage your child in active thinking and problem solving. Asking a simple question like “How will we get Code-a-pillar from the kitchen to the living room?” creates a new way to look at a problem and solve it hands-on. By connecting each piece via USB like ports, you can build your Code-a-pillars course from point A to point B. Two left turns, go straight and make a right? Simple, start with two left turning pieces, add a straight and a right piece and watch him go!

Not only was my youngest completely engaged with Code-a-pillar’s movements, lights and sounds, but I found all my children on the floor trying to map out a course. Who we be the first to maneuver it around the table? Who could get it from the included start disk to the stop disk? Who would connect a wrong turn and tag their brother? It was pure fun, mixed with loads of thinking and problem solving. And the best part was everyone was having fun. It wasn’t a chore, it wasn’t frustrating. It was engaging fun with learning skills hidden beneath a surface of lights and sounds.

In my generation we were masters of being the first to program the VCR and introduced video games in a more main stream way to our living rooms. Since that time technology has really boomed and the game has been upped. We are raising a whole new generation of learners who are being brought up in a different kind of world. A generation of learners who have the ability to become more hands on and engaged in playtime by having fun while thinking, observing, exploring, collaborating and solving. The new Think N Learn collection from Fisher Price is in one word, exciting! 

Find the Fisher Price Codeapillar at Best Buy now for the SRP of $49.99


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