Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Little Balance Box, Not Your Typical Walker

Kids they’re unique and intriguing in so many ways. Like when they love the box the toy comes in much more than the actual toy. As babies and toddlers my children had many toys designed to assist them in walking and pulling up, but still they turned to the coffee table, entertainment center, etc. for balance. So I was quite interested in learning more about the Little Balance Box whose approach to facilitating coordination, balance and walking skills in children, is a little different than one might expect. 

The Little Balance Box was invented by mom and physical therapist, Dr. Shannon Davis. It’s an eco-friendly bamboo, PBA and PVC free product designed for indoor use on all floors without causing damage to flooring. It’s uniquely shaped as a toddler sized table with a clear top, allowing children to observe their feet and movements from above. The Balance Box has gliding feet (no wheels) and is used to help stabilize and encourage growth from the sitting to standing and even walking positions. 

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I believe it is the unique design of this product that appeals to toddlers more than you might think. Shaped like a table, children are instinctively drawn to the Balance Box, at least my little guys was. There are no sharp edges, and the base design is stabilized so they cannot, and will not, push too fast for them to catch-up. A common problem I’ve found with wheel along walkers. 

No pants and a hat is just how we roll lately ;)
The clear polycarbonate top acts as a drum producing a percussive sound when a hit or tapped teaching cause and effect, while the dynamic floating feet produce up and down movement providing sensory input to develop coordination in muscles and joints. Tell me, have you ever seen a walker quite like this one?

We really enjoyed that the Balance Box doubles as a toddler table. It’s designed to be just the right height for a child to reach when sitting on the floor. It makes a great “desk” for drawing or even for sitting and snacking. I love multi-function products!

Some assembly is required as the balance box comes equipped with 4 screws, screw driver and instruction manual. Assembly literally took me maybe 2 minutes. The soft wood made it really simple to screw in the 4 screws with the materials provided.

As with any walker, use under adult supervision and never by stairs.

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This is the most unique walker I've seen. In fact, it is the first time I've seen this product. How interesting! You're right kids love the box and scaring you by pulling up on the coffee table, I bet they would go right for this.

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