Sunday, May 29, 2016

Spring & Summer Footwear Favorites

Spring is definitely in the air and summer is sneaking up behind us. My favorite thing about the season? Fashionable ladies sandals and all footwear really. It's time to paint those toes and rock our fashionable favorites. Here are my favorites for the seasons from heels to casuals. 

Heeled Sandals

1. Jones Bootmaker Juxt Heeled Sandals //£69
2. Ted Baker Lernox Heeled Sandals //£100
3Jones Bootmaker Justice Heeled Sandals//£79

Ballet Flats

4. Jones Bootmaker Gwendolyn Ballet Pumps Casual//£69
5. Jones Bootmaker Griffin Ballet Pumps Casual//£59
6. Ted Baker Imme 2 Ballet Pumps Casual//£75

Everyday Casual

7.Jones Bootmaker Garnetie Casual Athleisure //£59
8.Jones Bootmaker Genevieve Loafers Casual//£69
9.Jones Bootmaker Gwyneth Loafers Casual//£79

Flat Sandals

10. Kero Flat Sandals//£59
11. Hadley Flat Sandals//£69
12. Clarks Raffi Star Flat Sandals//£55
[Additionally all these sandals can be found in other colors]


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