Friday, June 3, 2016

Great Ideas To Help Your Children Stay In Touch With Friends This Summer

When the children finish school for the summer, you know you’re in for a lot of hard work trying to keep them entertained. But even though they’re not attending school every day, they can still spend time with their friends. There are plenty of ways you can help them stay in touch with pals they might not see at school for weeks. Here are just a few ideas to help your children stay in touch with friends this summer:

Backyard Party
Organizing a big party for all of your child’s classmates can be a great chance for everyone to catch up over the summer. You might have a trampoline in your backyard or a pool that the kids can have fun in. A light buffet of party food could be the ideal refreshment while you’re entertaining. If you have enough space, why not hire some entertainers? Maybe a jumping castle will be a big hit for the kids?

Fun Excursions
You could organize a fun excursion to a theme park or nature reserve. You’ll need to encourage the other parents to join you for some help. The school may also be able to support you with this. You can hire the charter bus from somewhere like to take you where you need to go. That way, you can all travel together. Most big attractions offer a substantial discount if a large party books together.

Of course, on a smaller scale, you could arrange a series of playdates with your child’s best friends. Visit the local play park, or enjoy some fun activities at home. Take it in turns. One week could see you hosting the children. Next week, another parent could take them all. The younger they are, the shorter the date should be. There are plenty of activities you could get them all involved in. Try baking, crafting, or musical activities.

Community Event
If you like to be quite active in your community, you could arrange a big fundraiser that brings the entire neighborhood together. A summer fete or carnival could be the perfect way to raise much-needed funds for the school or your preferred charity. Invite the kids to come together to make decorations and run stalls. The other parents can help out too. Try to make it fun and colorful so the kids can enjoy the whole day.

Back-To-School Shopping Date
At the end of the long summer break, chances are you need to stock up on school supplies for the first day back. Why not arrange a shopping date with one or two of the other moms at the mall? You could round off a busy morning of shopping with a group snack at the food hall. Shopping together also helps make sure you all remember everything you need! And it gets the kids together and excited about heading back to school.

Socializing is so important for children of all ages. And it’s important for us as parents too. What will you be doing this summer?


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