Friday, April 15, 2016

How to be a Good bridesmaid

Yay! You’re a bridesmaid! If you’re going to outshine the others and become the best bridesmaid ever, you’ll need a few handy tips to help you up your game. Thankfully, House of Fraser is on hand to show you how to be a good bridesmaid:

1.     Wear the dress

It doesn’t matter if it’s bright yellow with purple zig zags or a pink blancmange, if the bride likes it, so do you. She’s stressed enough arranging everything from photographers to wedding car, so the last thing she needs is you moaning about your bridesmaid dress.
That doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion — you just need to consider how you say it. Constructive criticism will always go down better than a full-on rant.

2.     Commit fully

There’s more to being a bridesmaid than wearing a pretty dress. As well as being there for the panicked 3am phone calls, you’ll attend rehearsals, help arrange the hen night and keep the bride calm throughout. If you can’t commit fully, you should kindly decline — you don’t want to be known as the bridesmaid that can’t be bothered, after all.

3.     Save in advance

Depending on how generous the bride-to-be is, being a bridesmaid can be really expensive. Not only will you need spends for the hen night, you’ll have to fork out for a wedding present — and potentially pay for your dress, shoes, bag, makeup and hair too!
Remember, the bride and groom are shelling out for the WHOLE wedding. Often, the first thing to be scrapped off the budget when money is tight is the non-essential accessories, so don’t be offended if you’re asked to pay for your own jewellery.

4.     Socialise

Bridesmaids can come from all walks of life, from school friends to family and work colleagues. As a bridesmaid, you naturally won’t be surrounded by people you know. To enjoy the experience more, and make life easier for the bride, try to get to know the others — you never know, you might make a friend for life!

5.     Throw a hen party to remember

One of you main jobs as a bridesmaid is to throw a hen party the bride will remember for all the right reasons. Before you book the stripper, decide whether it’s what she really wants. From spa days to paintballing, there’s a range of options to choose from, so pick something that matches her tastes.

6.     Be prepared

Even with the best preparations in the world, things will go wrong. Whether it’s a blister from a rubbing heel or a snapped dress strap, you’ll be prepared for anything if you pack your handbag with tissues, safety pins, hair clips, plasters and other essentials.

7.     Keep the peace

Put bridesmaids in a group chat and the drama will almost definitely unfold. Tension between bridesmaids is not uncommon but, if allowed to bubble over, it could become more than a simple disagreement. You can prevent this by acting as a peacekeeper to avoid mutiny in the ranks.


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These are all good tips. I'd especially be careful to have funds set aside for your friends' weddings and related activities, gifts, etc. You may feel bad many years later if you couldn't participate.

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