Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Adrenaline Junkie’s Guide to Florida

It can often be hard for adrenaline junkies to find holiday destinations that will meet their need for thrills, but Florida is one spot that can definitely satisfy those cravings. This article will detail some of the best places to go in Florida if you want an adventurous, energetic holiday.

Skydive, DeLand

As you might expect, the name of the game is skydiving here and it can be found in the city of DeLand, roughly 35 miles outside of central Orlando. Skydive DeLand offers opportunities both for experienced skydivers – with dives of up to 13,500 ft available – and for novices. The latter can participate in Accelerated Free Falls or Tandem Skydiving, with the assistance of professional staff.

Quest Air Hang Gliding, Groveland

This facility can be found at Groveland Airport Road in the city of the same name and is the only flight centre anywhere in the world where you can find tandem hang gliding and flyboarding. It offers classes for those interested in learning how to take part in these adrenaline fuelled activities, but also allows more experienced participants to put together Quest Air adventure packages to suit their tastes, including Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Dad’s Day Off and Couple’s Flight.

Shark Diving at Seaworld, Orlando

If you are looking for the definition of an adrenalin fuelled activity, diving with sharks would surely be a serious contender – and the Shark Deep Dive offer at Orlando’s Seaworld attraction is exactly that. You and one other person will be put into a steel cage in the huge aquarium, with fish, rays and sharks to keep you company. If you have ever fantasised about being James Bond, this will certainly let you live that fantasy out.

Alligators at the Florida Everglades

The Everglades National Park is one of Florida’s prime attractions and for thrill seekers, a chance to take an airboat tour through the heart of alligator country will be the best way to see it. Alongside the gators, you will also encounter innumerable small creatures and rare birds, but the 200,000 alligators on offer there will be the main point of appeal. These airboat tours let you get as close as possible to them, as well as the snakes.

Water Jet Pack, Miami

The Aquajet facility in Miami is the perfect place for either newcomers or experienced water jet packers to enjoy this activity in Florida. With a team of pros to guide you, the options range from the Master Aquajet – for the most comprehensive experience – to the Amateur one for those trying this out for the first time. You can also try out Flyboarding here – or even a combination of the two activities!

Thrill rides like these are why Florida features on the Ladbrokes online travel roulette wheel of places to go, and this guide should prove useful for anyone who wants to get the blood pumping the next time they visit.


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When I was in Florida, it never occurred to me to try any of these activities. I don't think I'm an adrenaline junkie, I content to be safe and covered in sunscreen, a hat and a sense of adventure that doesn't require signing a waiver!

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