Sunday, November 22, 2015

Inspire Creativity and Imaginative Play with Build & Imagine StoryWalls

When it comes to Christmas gifts, many kids will find themselves sharing in the creativity of a building set. This year I say go above and beyond the traditional with Build & Imagine, colorfully illustrated magnetic building sets, StoryWalls.

Over the summer my daughter was first introduced to StoryWalls, receiving the Day at the Beach set. I immediately noticed and empowering difference between this playset and your typical building set or even doll house. But I noticed the real difference months later when she was still enjoy StoryWalls almost daily.

Build & Imagine StoryWalls combineS limitless imagination and creativity. In a time when my daughter is most flip floppy when it comes to toys, StoryWalls have been playset she continues to turn to. Each Build & Imagine StoryWalls play-set is made of colorfully illustrated magnetic panels that a child joins together any way she (or he) likes. This allows your child to construct a scene inspired by their own imagination without a ton of little pieces to lose, or worse step on! Each set is also complete with the little touches; dress-up dolls and more than 40 magnetic costumes and props. I believe, that it is exactly this open-ended play, which allows a child to build and create different scenes and adventure every time they open that StoryWalls box, that keeps them engaged well-beyond the first day or week.

Just in time for the holidays StoryWalls has introduced two new playsets, Fairytale Theatre ($34.99) and Pet Portrait Studio ($49.99).

These two new sets keep the same focus of empowering children to build customized scenes that spark storytelling. Equipped with customizable illustrated story board panels, magnetic dress-up characters, and dozens of magnetic costumes and props. Both the Fairytale Theatre and Pet Portrait Studio encourage left (math/science) and right (creativity) brain play.

Build & Imagine StoryWalls aren’t just another dollhouse or stacking construction set. They inspire girl power. They inspire storytelling through creativity!

As a parent I love everything StoryWalls instills in my child. I love to watch her imagination and stories come to life. I enjoy seeing her commitment to her building her “scenes” and how engaged she becomes bringing her fairytales to life. 

You can find award winning Build & Imagine StoryWalls at as well as retailers such as: Amazon, Kohl’s, Fat Brain Toys, & Zulily.


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These certainly would make for an excellent gift this season. They are rather unique play sets. How fun!

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