Monday, November 16, 2015

GuruNanda 100% Essential Oils with Diffuser: The Perfect Gift for Nearly Everyone

Essential oils, the new big thing and the perfect gift this holiday season for friends, family members, teachers, the mail lady… nearly anyone! Essential oils are beneficial in many ways and can promote and overall feeling of well-being, are said to keep a healthier home and are pleasing to the senses.

GuruNanda 100% Essential Oils with Diffuser, is a new and affordable gift options this season. It includes everything one needs to get started on your journey into aromatherapy. 

The GuruNanda kit comes with two different oils (lavender and peppermint) and an ultrasonic diffuser that breaks oils into millions of microparticles and releases them into the air, activating the therapeutic properties of their botanical ingredients. Essential oils freshen up your space, creating a relaxing or invigorating environment and other benefits depending on the oil you choose. 

Not only will find your space is transformed by the wonderful aromas diffuse, but you’ll also enjoy the ambiance of the ultrasonic diffuser that features 3-color changing LED light and UL adapter.

Find the GuruNanda 100% Essential Oils with Diffuser, exclusively at Walmart, just in time for the holidays at the SRP of $19.99. And remember this kit includes not only the color changing ultrasonic diffuser, but two essential oils to get you started.


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