Monday, December 7, 2015

Bonjour Petit and Magicforest Bring Holiday 2015 Best Bet Lists

This holiday season Bonjour Petit, an online retailer whose French/American team is dedicated to bringing the finest toys from Europe, is making it easy for parents and relatives to shop for children and tots as young as two. Bringing them the magic and creativity of Magicforest’s vast European collection of art-infused (music, theatre, cinema) toys.

If you’re having trouble finding that perfect gift, let Bonjour Petit take the hassle out of your shopping experience by allowing you to shop gifts by age and price with plenty of new for 2015 items. In fact, it was exactly these search factors that allowed me to find two fun gift options for my youngest that are built to last and supply fun for some time to come. 

I have a complete love for wooden toys and everything they represent. When I saw Sevi’s, Europe's senior wooden toy makers, Build N’ Go Cars, I knew they had to make their way under our tree this year. 

These build 'n' push cars promote puzzle solving, shape recognition, and a sense of accomplishment in young kids. Constructed of six interlocking pieces and bright colors, these cars really go and even have a fun squeaking sound emitted when the little red knob is pushed down.

Keeping in theme and my sons growing love for cars and race sets, Vilac’s Firefighter, Police, Garage or Race Box Kits also caught my attention rather quickly.

Vilac’s is another quality and award winning wooden toy crafter, inspired by their French heritage. The Firefighter box kit is an efficiently organized playset. The box holds all its contents for easy clean-up and on-the-go fun. Each kit contains a themed play box with two wooden cars and 3 road signs. These sets can be collected and lined up side by side for further creative play.

Don’t forget this holiday season whether you’re looking for that old world feel of Vilac’s Musical Metal Tea Set from France, or you’re looking to inspire imaginative role play that goes beyond the traditional with Sevi’s Snow White Theatre. Bonjour Petit has you covered with gifts that surely won’t be duplicates and will become favorite playthings for many years to come.

Visit Bonjour Petit for that perfect gift this season or visit, and find a neighborhood toy store by clicking the brick and mortar button under stores.


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