Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The New Sweet Treat for The Season #KlondikeVariety #IC #ad

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Fall. It’s that time of year when sweet treats, candy, ghouls and football seem to rule it all. But when those invitation start rolling in for that Halloween party or your friends are coming over to enjoy the game with you, think beyond the traditional. Think Klondike bars and Klondike Kandy bars

Klondike Kandy Bars
Klondike Kandy bars really are the ultimate trick of the season, with their thick, chocolatey shell and ice cream center, mixed with that candy bar goodness we’ve all come to enjoy this time of year. And while there is no wrong time to enjoy a Klondike bar, this weekend Klondike bars proved to be just the treat we needed. It was a warm Halloween here in S. Florida, making my little panda and ghosts into the extra sweaty variety. So you can imagine what a hit I was with the kids, when we returned home for a cool down and I showed them a freezer filled with every ones favorite, Klondike bars!

Klondike bars in freezer

Ice cream isn’t just a treat for the kids however. Whether heading to a friends to watch the game or enjoying it from the comfort of our own couch, you can bet we will be enjoying our favorite variety of Klondike bars. And who knew there were so many?! 

Klondike Packaging

With 12 different types of Klondike bars available nationwide (Dough Swirl, Caramel Pretzel, Heath, REESE’S, Mint Chocolate Chip, Krunch, OREO, Dark Chocolate, Rocky Road, Double Chocolate, Neapolitan, and Original) Klondike truly has something for everyone to enjoy!

Klondike Cookie Dough Swirl

Typically my husband and son enjoy the REESE’s variety, while my daughter can’t get enough of the Cookies N Cream Klondike Kandy bars. But this weekend we mixed it up and all enjoyed the Cookie Dough Swirl for the first time. I mean, why hadn’t I tried this variety before? What was not to love? Cookie dough swirls in vanilla ice cream, surrounded by that famous Klondike shell. 

Inside Klondike Cookie Dough Swirl

Man, were these G.O.O.D. and they were also the perfect way to end our Halloween night. Cuddled on the couch, Klondike bars in hand and a good scary movie on the T.V. Thank goodness Klondike Kandy bars now come in 6 pack! 

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Eilleen McDonald said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I enjoy Klondike bars and didn't realise there were so many varieties. That last photo has me wanting a Klondike right now! :)

Adrianna said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ice cream really is the perfect treat anytime of year. I don't care what the temperatures are outside I am never saying no to ice cream lol. You have good taste, Klondike bars are delicious!

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