Monday, November 2, 2015

Holiday Guide Approved: The Cozy Comforts Kitchen by American Plastics

Of all the gifts I’ve ever purchased for my kids the ones that always seemed to be the biggest hit were the ones that inspired creative and imaginative play. The Cozy Comforts Kitchen is a modern styled kid’s kitchen that is affordable this to all and will spark hours of imaginative playtime. 

On my holiday guide this year, the Cozy Comforts Kitchen features a realistic kitchen design and it’s the perfect size for that playroom. 

I loved that this set wasn’t so big it took up half the house, yet it still managed to provide all the kitchen necessities your child will love. There is single-cup coffee machine, raised “gas” burner that makes a boiling water sound when pots and pans are placed on it, microwave, refrigerator, oven, toaster and even recycling and play bins for storing play food and other accessories.

If your little one is anything like mine he or she might enjoying digging through your kitchen cabinets. Well, now you can store the included (child-friendly) pots and pans in the real opening compartments within the Cozy Comfort Kitchen and they can have at pulling their pots out and putting them back in! I mention that pots and pans were included, but that’s not all…

The Cozy Comforts Kitchen comes equipped with two sets of plates, cups, forks, knives and spoons, two pieces of toast, muffin tin, and pan with lid, touch screen phone, spatula, large spoon, strainer spoon, and strainer. 

Packed with value this kitchen won’t just excite the kids, parents will be happy to know that assembly is at a minimum requiring no screws! The Cozy Comforts Kitchen fitted with snaps and press fits for easy assembly and the accessories require that they simply be removed from the bag. That’s right, there is no snipping, cutting, unscrewing or prying things from their packages. Am I the only one that finds it completely distressing that it takes 10 minutes to get a toy out of its package now-a-days?

The Cozy Comforts Kitchen, by American Plastics is available at retailers such as Walmart and starting at just $29.00. 


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This kitchen looks really nice! It would be a great holiday gift for many kids; my daughter had one similar when she was younger!

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