Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Harnessing The Green Cleaning Power of Four Monks™

The new buzz in a green clean is vinegar, and unlike a lot of other green solutions, is one is truly multipurpose and works well. Over the past 2 weeks, I have been harnessing the power of the Four Monks™ to show what clean really is.

This post sponsored by Four Monks™. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and yours may differ. 
Four Monks™ Cleaning Vinegar is an all-purpose, non-toxic and environmentally friendly solution to nearly all your cleaning needs. It is simply made with distilled vinegar from corn, water and natural flavor.

I’ve really tried to embrace this new green clean, and have been using Four Monks™ on nearly everything. Do you have any idea how many uses there are for a vinegar based all-purpose cleaner like Four Monks™? I started simply by wiping tossing my old cleaner and using just Four Monks™ for wiping down surfaces like my appliances and counter tops. Doing some research I learned I really don’t need the harsh stuff anymore. The acidity in vinegar is able to kill numerous household germs and it is quite effective and loosening and lifting dirt off of multiple surfaces around my home, all without posing a threat to my kids or dog.

The spaghetti incident

Vinegar is an acquired smell and the Four Monks™ brand of cleaning vinegar offers an aroma controlled variety, but after you realize the power of vinegar you won’t give the scent a second thought. For example, my husband walked in from work informing me that the dog had definitely urinated on the carpet at some point overnight, and the carpet stinks! After a spot test, I cleaned the area and sprayed the rug down with Four Monks™. When the carpet dried all that was left was a fresh smell. No more urine odor and no lingering vinegar smell. I. Love. This. Stuff.
At this point I was on a mission, what else could I use Four Monks for? I think the question should have been what can I not use it for? I can spray Four Monks on my fruits and vegetables to clean them and remove any residue. I can spray it on my dog to make his coat shine. Dirty baby toys? Four Monks™ has you covered. Soap scum buildup in the tub? You guessed it… Four Monks™ will leave behind an amazing shine.

I’ve also begun to use Four Monk Cleaning vinegar on my laminates. I have had a very hard time maintaining them. The solutions I’ve tried on them have either been too soapy or left behind a waxy residue that just winds up making the floor look run down. A splash of Four Monks in my bucket and my floors are clean, without any build up or left over residue. 

I feel like I can go on for days about the numerous uses for Four Monks™ cleaning vinegar, but instead I'll just suggest you try it for yourself. I would love to hear how cleaning with Four Monks impacts your cleaning routine! 

Buy It:  Look for Four Monks™ Cleaning Vinegar at select grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide with prices starting at $2.49-$2.99 per 24oz spray bottle. Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar can also be found in your local Walmart Supercenters vinegar aisle. 


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I hate harsh chemical cleaners. I am a big fan of a greener clean and will be checking out this product.

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