Monday, November 9, 2015

Fun and Games: Top Family Activities in Mont Tremblant

When you want to visit snow-capped mountains, there are fewer locations more appealing than MontTremblant, Quebec. The Canadian locale hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, most of whom come for the ski slopes. There's more in Mont Tremblant than adult activities, though. Families of all sizes and age ranges can find fun activities to do.

 Burton Riglet Park

Those with young children will find family-friendly slows at Burton Riglet Park. The park's Tremblant Snow School offers lessons for children that progress them from absolute beginner to slope ready. Children from ages 3 to 6 are welcome on the slopes between 3:30 p.m. to 9 p.m during the skiing season. Burton also offers an all-day learning experience for children aged 3 to 4 years old via their Mother Nature Camp for when parents want to go off on their own activities.

Tremblant Treehouses

For when you just want to sleep in a treehouse, Tremblant Treehouses offers the opportunity. The entire family (including your dog) is welcome to spend the night at Tremblant Treehouses. The center is located in Parc Eco des Laurentides and each tree house sits right on the water. Relax with the family on a canoe, hike through the trails, and picnic under a gazebo without ever leaving the park.

Mont-Tremblant Paintball

When tensions mount you can always visit one of 15 centers scattered around Mont Tremblant and let out some steam by pelting fellow visitors with paint balls. For those aged 12 and older, playgrounds include:

.    ''Le Tireball''
.    The Fortress
.    The Sniper
.    Bus Level
.    The Maze
.    The Crash
.    The Voodoo Fort
.    The Wizard
.    Extreme Tarps
.    The infernal swamp of the damned lumberjack
.    ''Le WoodSpeedBall''
.    The Village
.    The Jungle
.    The Bridge
.    King of the Hill

Horseback Riding Ranch

Everyone loves horses and Mont Tremblant has activities for the horse lover of all ages. The Mont Tremblant Horseback Riding ranch sits a mere two hours from Montreal and only forty minutes from the ski resort. The ranch provides activities safe for those ranging from beginner to experienced rider. There are three variations to choose from.

The first is an hour-long ride through the forest where riders experience the relaxing trails that weave in the Laurentian forest. The next option is the 90 minute Bison Trail which combines a forest walk with some light mountain trails. Finally, the ranch offers a two-hour sunset ride where visitors start on a pasture before heading into the mountains. Experience the majestic views of the forest, watch bison roam, and see the world like it used to be atop a steady horse and led by an experienced trail guide.

Mont Tremblant is an international tourist destination for a reason: there's something for everyone in this resort. Families can ski, luge, hike, camp, ride horses, rent a boat, swim, and explore the verdant land that surrounds the Quebec mountains. Unlike a theme park, this chilly year-round resort provides experiences that evolve with your family's needs year after year so that there's never a chance to get bored.

Victor Putman has always been fortunate enough to enjoy extensive travel and is a Mont Tremblant regular with his family. He enjoys sharing his travel insights and experiences online and writes for several different travel websites and online guides.


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