Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Stylish Kid-Friendly Styles You'll Love

Fall is in the air and kids fashions on my mind, especially when it comes to the youngest of my bunch. Quality footwear featuring both comfort and kid friendly styles has become most important as my little man begins to venture the world, both feet forward!


Cienta is an internationally recognized brand of cool and stylish children's footwear made in Spain. Specializing in creating high-quality vulcanized footwear for children, Cienta shoes can be easily recognized for their canvas, slip-on designs. 

My youngest son is in the awkward age where his foot is chubby still and nearly any shoe that isn’t a slip-on simply will not fit. Well, unless I have a spare 20 minutes to sit on floor pushing, pulling, trying to coax the shoe onto his foot. I am the first to admit that I don’t have the time for that, and my son doesn’t have the patience. Cienta offers me a stylish alternative in their quick slip-on canvas shoes.

"Made in Green"

Cienta shoes look great, keep his feet supported and are "Made in Green" certified. This means no harmful chemicals, glues etc. are used in the production of these shoes, which are produced in a clean and environmentally friendly facility.

Parents you’ll also love that all of Cienta’s canvas shoes are machine washable – air dry only. Kids will love how their shoes smell. Yes, you read right. Cienta Shoes have scented outsoles that smell like berries! And they really smell like berries! Additionally, each pair of shoes is enhanced further with removable scented in-sole padding for cushioning and for the absorption of moisture.

If you’re looking for a breathable, supportive shoes, that look and even smell good… You’re going to love Cienta, from their natural production to how hassle free they are.


Who doesn’t love cute socks? K. Bell offers an extensive line of leg wear That lets you show of your style in a unique way. And they offer some of the cutest, comfiest socks for your little one.

My boy is styling in his K. Bell Robot Crew Socks (MSRP $8.00), while my daughter loves showing off her Mermaids to her classmates.


Cute products that make a difference. Dsenyo offers unique fair trade products for your little one (and even yourself).One of my personal favorites is this revesable Pinafore paired with Dsenyo bloomers and headband crafted by Fair Trade Artisans: Vipambi Women's Group

Image source: Dsenyo.com

Beyond being an ethical fair trade company, Dsenyo makes every effort to use low-impact dyes and sustainable fibers like buriti palm, jute, and organic cotton where possible. You can check out Dsenyo designs for your little one, each crafted with quality, at Dsenyo.com 


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