Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Game Night Made Fiercely Fun with RoosterFin

Summer came to a quick end and fall is in the air. This mean we are settled into out back to school routine and have begun integrating more indoor family fun. Game nights or movie nights are a regular thing in our household, but as the year goes on it becomes harder to keep the fun level high playing the same old games and watching the same old movies. Thanks to RoosterFin’s latest line of super-fun family games, at least of one of our issue has been solved, and no one in our home can deny family game night has never been so fun!

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RoosterFin games are not just fun, but they each have educational value; requiring memory, logic, math or fine motor skills. Just check out what fun awaits your family in RoosterFin’s latest line.

Monkeys Up!

Monkeys Up™ is the game that will have you going bananas, as you compete for the best score. Earn your top score by flipping, switching, and stealing monkeys. Each monkey has a hidden value beneath his feet, so make those flips, switches, and steals count! This game relies on good strategy and memory.


Masheroo just sounds fun, doesn’t it?!  This game is classic pattern building game where players are challenged to match their shape and face chips to their pattern card with the simple roll of the dice. But be warned! If a player rolls a Masher Bolt they can mash and remove shapes from another player pattern. It truly is a game of Mash or BE Mashed! This game relies on logic and analysis.

Rooster Race

A signature game in the RoosterFin collection, this is a card game that is loved by all. The object of the game is to make educated guesses; to predict if the value of the top card in your card stack is higher or lower than the last card played by your opponent.


If you’re looking for some high-flying family excitement this is an awesome game and the one that most recently graced our family game night table. Mohawkz comes with 6 balls, that actually have little mohawks, and a targeting ramp. The object is to bounce your ball toward the best score, focusing on your accuracy. First player to 7 wins!  This game made for a night full of fiercely fun competition and a lot of laughs. What’s also nice is this a game that can easily be transported onto our porch, for outdoor fun while we enjoy the beautiful fall air.

Find all these fun, motivating games and more at for the MSRP of $19.99 each. 


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