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Fun for Everyone: Activities to Enjoy in Alberta, Canada

If you are looking for an area in Canada that offers a wide range of activities and fun for everyone, Alberta has plenty to offer visitors and those looking to relocate to the area.

When you start putting together a list of all the things that Alberta has to offer, you soon realise that it ticks a lot of boxes with majestic mountain scenery and plenty of outdoor activities combined with the chance to enjoy a good standard of living and a diverse range of things to see and do with your leisure time.

If you are thinking of moving to Alberta then you might want to check on a new home listing service or take a look around the area to get a feel for the type of properties available. It will also help to get an idea of some of the things you can do while you are here, either on vacation or living in Alberta.


Alberta has got it covered when comes to making the grade as a ski resort and for many, lake Louise is the jewel in the crown and is a renowned beauty-spot as well as an excellent ski destination.

You are spoilt for choice in Alberta when you consider that you have easy access to some 4,200 acres of skiable terrain to suit every level of ability and even if you don’t want to ski, a trip on a gondola will reward you with some spectacular views over lake Louise and the Victoria Glacier, which are considered some of the best sights in the Rockies.

Columbia Ice field

Staying on the theme of natural wonders and beautiful landscapes, a visit to Columbia Ice field, which is situated midway between Lake Louise village and Jasper Town, is a trip that just has to be taken.

This area is the only accessible section of the incredibly vast Columbia Ice field which is equal in size to the city of Vancouver, to give you some idea of its scale.

Royal Tyrell Museum

If you have some children to entertain, the Royal Tyrell Museum would be a great choice for a family day out.

This is where you will find one of the largest and most comprehensive displays of dinosaurs outside of Jurassic Park if that actually existed. The area surrounding the museum itself is known as Badlands, which is a unique and even perhaps spooky land that comprises of strange rock formations and striped hills, which are almost bursting at the seams with dinosaur bones.

The life size exhibits combined with the outdoor landscape combine to make the Royal Tyrell Museum a really fun family day out.

Calgary Stampede

Alberta is famed for its natural beauty but the Calgary Stampede also enjoys a worldwide reputation as an event that you just have to experience at least once in your lifetime.

Lasting for an action-packed ten days in July, the Calgary Stampede has drawn many thousands of visitors to the area since its inaugural event took place back in 1912.

Some describe the Calgary Stampede as possibly the greatest outdoor show on the planet and is just one of many good reasons why you might want to head to this part of Canada for some fun and adventure. 

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Great suggestions! My in-laws live in Alberta and the first time I went there I got to go and see the Royal Tyrell Museum - it was very cool.

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