Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bratz Fashion Dolls are Back!

Bratz™ are back! After a years of hiatus Bratz Fashion Dolls, are back and with a whole new look and feel that embodies the modern day girl. Their new mantra encourages self-expression, confidence and individuality. This revamped line includes the core dolls we’ve come to love including favorites such as: Cloe, Yasmin, and Jade, along with new friends.

These fashion dolls are outfitted the newest trends appealing to a new generation of girls, while still holding onto their core appeal that make Bratz Dolls stand out. We recently had a chance to check out the new Yasmin, and I have to say, I was impressed as was my daughter.

Fashion Dolls

The core appearance remains so the doll is easily distinguishable as a Bratz Fashion Doll, but the look is toned down. Study Abroad Yasmin, for example, comes in her fun fashionable style and heels, but includes a jogging set consisting of sweats and jacket and even a suitcase to pack for her travels.

Fashion Doll clothing

This relaunch includes a entire line of exciting new products that hit store shelves on July 25th and includes an app that inspires girls to creatively express themselves. The new Bratz collection, now available, includes the following:*

  • Bratz Hello My Name™ – This line reintroduces the core Bratz friends and showcases their individual personalities.
  • Bratz #SelfieSnaps lets fans get to know the Bratz friends via their selfie snap styles and fun emoji icons.
  • Bratz Fierce Fitness™ showcases Bratz’s healthy hobbies in the most fashionable and fun way.
  • Bratz Study Abroad explores incredible countries around the world. Each doll adopts the culture’s traditional fashion and styles those unique elements into their own wardrobe.
  • Bratz #SnowKissed celebrates Bratz’s love for fun winter activities.
  • Bratz Create-It-Yourself Fashion Set gives girls the creative freedom to design their own Bratz fashions with a rotating platform and mannequin to decorate an outfit for their Bratz.

Find this revamped collection available at major retailers including Target, Walmart and Toys“R”Us; who will each have an exclusive assortment of products. Learn more by visiting Bratz.com


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Oh, I like the look. I bet my daughter is going to love the updates.

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