Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Advancements Keep Coming! Redesigned First Response Pregnancy Tests #AD #IC

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15 years ago I gave birth to my first son, and 13 months ago, I gave birth to my last. Over the years there have been many advancements in home pregnancy testing from analog tests to digital and even week indicators. But one of the biggest advancements came when it was possible to detect pregnancy before your missed period.

For some of us the need to test early stems from excitement, anticipation, and even fear. And for those of us hoping to see those glorious words “pregnant” or those glaring two lines, testing early simply means finding out early. The first few weeks of fetal development are the most crucial, and knowing sooner allows women the benefits of early prenatal care and better self-care; like improved diet, eliminating exposure to risky habits, products, etc. 

Having 5 children it’s safe to say I’ve done my fair share of testing. The very first time I ever used a pregnancy test was the day I found out I was expecting my first. Not being too experienced in the area of pregnancy tests, along with being a ball of anxious nervousness, things were a bit awkward. It wasn’t easy not getting your fingers a bit wet, and then there was the waiting and waiting. When it was time to read the results… Well, I read them wrong! Yes, things (including myself) sure have come a long way, and First Response has redesigned their Early Detection Pregnancy Test to help eliminate those awkward and troublesome moments that come with determining pregnancy.

FDA approved, the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test allows you test up to 6 days sooner than your missed period with more comfort and convenience. Redesigned you’ll find this test helps take the fuss out of home testing with a 50% wider tip, longer handle and curved design.

With an easy-to-read window you’ll get your results (two-lines, which do not have to be equal in darkness, equals pregnant) in 3 minutes with 99& accuracy the day of your missed period. Gone are not only the days of early morning testing and ten minute wait times days after your expected period, but thanks to the improved design of First Response’s Early Result Pregnancy Test, gone is also the awkwardness that may accompany testing – especially when testing in your bathroom at work like I’ve done!

Find the improved First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test,  available now at
at all major drugstores, mass and grocery stores for the MSRP of  $8.99- $12.99


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