Thursday, December 11, 2014

The alternative guide to Christmas gifts

Are you bored of the same old gifts? Of buying the same old gifts? Of watching loved ones unwrap the same old gifts, and doing the same old thing with those same old gifts? Well help is at hand, with this guide to alternative gifts that you’ve never thought about!
Here are tasty alternatives to the tried and tested present choices:

You buy: Chocolate
You should buy: A chocolate taster day

That’s a hefty price difference isn’t it? But you just know that as soon as that pack of sugary goodness is placed before your other half, or as soon as a tin of sweeties is cracked open in the midst of the Christmas celebrations, the locusts will descend and all hope is lost. Better to try a memorable, loving tasting experience – usually held in a swish hotel, these events will teach you when and how to eat your chocolate, and intriguingly the nuances of cocoa type, terroir and conching time. Here’s just one example from Hotel Chocolat.

You buy: Toiletries
You should buy: Make your own lip balm kits

Toiletry is a fairly tepid and thoughtless gift. However throwing a creative flavor into the mix are these kits, which allow you to make your own lip balms in various tastes such as strawberry and spearmint, to include a personalized label. Soap kits are also available.

You buy: Haynes - Car manual
You should buy: Haynes – Men’s Cooking manual

I’ll bet you know at least one friend or relative who actually has no idea what that room is for. You know, the one with the oven-shaped objects and the cupboards. And yet somehow he can fix a car using paperclips and hosing from the garage. Here’s the antidote: a book detailing how to prepare meals of all kinds, for all categories of food fan, from fatster to health freak, and which tools are needed. Here it is at Prezzybox.

You buy: T-shirt
You should buy: A morphsuit

T-shirts are fine, but here’s the killer piece of persuasion: who doesn’t have a t-shirt already? In fact, most people have a stack of them, complete with logos of films from the mid-90s, awful faux-mottos and unfunny jokes, and long forgotten sports teams. Why not go for something completely different that also eliminates the need for trousers – like Morph Costumes.

You buy: Expensive jewelry
You should buy: Wearable technology

A can’t fail present – fitness wristbands and smart watches will be commonplace in every park, coffee house and nightclub within a year or two. So rather than chains, rings or other functionless metal why not go for something that really will get people talking, and actually has a purpose?

You buy: A cuddly toy
You should buy: A sponsorship for a monkey in Borneo

Just think; while you and your pets sit warmly at home, care-free and happy, there are other animals out there in the wilds of Africa or Asian that are being brutally hunted. So do your part; a small donation could sponsor a rhino, panda, penguin, turtle or other cuddly. A dual-purpose present, in that most of these schemes actually send out a cuddly toy anyway. Here are a few other animal options from the WWF.


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