Saturday, December 20, 2014

Target: Mom's One-Stop-Shop this Holiday Season #BabysFirstChristmas

Five kids, two dogs and a partridge in a pear tree. So, where can mom go to get it all this holiday season without the fuss or the stress? Target, of course.

During the holiday season and even beyond, for me, it’s all about getting in-and-out quick, and shopping where all my needs are met under one roof. As a result, I always find myself at Target. And this year, when it came time to get those last minute preparations and gifts in order for my baby’s first Christmas, Target was with me every step of the way. Offering not only an inviting shopping atmosphere with the enticing smell of fresh brewed coffee flowing over from Starbucks, well stocked shelves, clean and clutter free aisles and friendly and helpful staff. But, I walked out with my Christmas shopping complete and my baby’s needs met from diaper cream and toys, to a first Christmas stocking.

In the seasonal department I was able to grab all my gift wrap, gift boxes and most importantly pick out a stocking for our newest addition.

To make this Christmas as memorable, as a first should be, I knew I needed all the classics and new favorites from one of the most cherished children’s brands. And Target had an entire aisle dedicated to Fisher Price and all the toys babies adore!

The Fisher Price display was most conveniently located next to the baby gear/care section where I picked up the Baby Einstein™ Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper™ , bath toys as a stocking stuffer, Gerber snacks, wipes and diaper cream.

It was also important for me to find some warmer style pajamas to place under the tree this year. This Florida winter is really feeling like winter (or at least a southern winter) and my little boy has stacks of t-shirts and shorts! Target had plenty of Carters footies, in loads or adorable styles for me to choose from. I was even to able to score a great robe, on sale, for one of my older sons.

He is so happy! I'm hoping he'll remember nothing come Christmas ;)

Speaking of my older kids, any mom knows that even when you’re shopping with one kids in mind you always have your eyes and ears out for deals and needs your other children may have. And with that, I could resist a quick swing by electronics to check the price on a video game. Guess what? It was in-stock and on sale!! Woohoo, there is nothing like that feeling when you've just score a great deal on that must-have item on your child's wish list.  I also have to say, for the Friday night before Christmas, the staff in electronics was on point. They were super attentive to the needs of their guests and had me rung up in seconds.

I could tell you I am usually done shopping at this point, but that would be a lie as I am a total procrastinator. This year had proven to be even more hectic, however, and trips through the mall left me empty handed and ready to pull my hair out! After my trip to Target everything was all put back into prospective. Why the heck did I even bother with that pointless trip to the mall, when just a round the corner is my favorite store? A store that has everything this mom needs. I was even able to grab something for dinner! Now, I can sit back and relax until Christmas morning when I get to see the joy on my children's face and the magic unfold as my son celebrates his very first Christmas, made extra special with gifts found at Target.

Disclosure: I received a promotional item to thank me for sharing my experience. All opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced. Your opinion may differ.


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Target is one of the few places I shop. I love that I can get everything I need in one place and it's always clean. Looks like your little boy will have a Merry Christmas. God Bless.

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