Monday, December 8, 2014

Cool Holiday Gift Guide 2014: What To Buy And Where To Buy It

The holidays are coming, and if you have yet to get your Christmas presents, you need to hurry up. In just a few weeks, we will be celebrating the big day and enjoying some quality time with our families. Now, here's the stressful part. You need to get presents for everyone. Some people are easy to buy for, and so they are not a problem. For example, you have likely already bought your partner and your kids some gifts. Other people are difficult to choose gifts for, and so you might struggle. 
Here is a cool holiday gift guide to help you with those people in your life. 

What to buy your mother-in-law

Unless you are super close to your mother-in-law, you will find it hard to know what she wants. If you ask your partner, he will likely be little help. For some reason, sons tend to have no clue what their mother likes or wants. That means that you have to do some guessing. A safe bet is always perfume, but you need to know which one she wears. Ask your partner whether he knows what she wears, and you might just find out. If not, you could consider getting her a pair of leather gloves or a silk scarf. When you buy for older women, you always need to get something luxurious. Look online for deals on fragrances and clothing. 

What to buy your pregnant friend

When your friend is pregnant, you need to buy something for her and her new baby. Don't make the mistake of just buying her something for her child, because this might upset her. Get your friend a token gift, such as a cute necklace, as well as a little present for her newborn. Something unique like a baby imprint gift set would be a lovely gift idea. Sites like My 1st Years tend to specialize in baby shower and other gifts. You can also get some cute Christmas presents on these sites too. 

What to buy your sister

You should know your sister pretty well. You likely have an idea in mind about what to get her. If you are struggling to decide on the perfect present for her, you should consider getting her jewelry. You can get bespoke matching necklaces for the two of you. For example, if you have an idea for a necklace, you can ask a jeweler to make it for you. It might be a little expensive to get a handcrafted necklace, but it will mean the world to your sister. 

What to buy your work friends

In some workplaces, it is customary to buy presents for each other. You should not spend too much money on your work friends if you don't need to. You likely don't know your colleagues as well as your other friends or family members. That makes buying them presents particularly difficult. Get some nice confectionery gifts, such as chocolates or luxury food items. Most supermarkets have cheeseboards and chocolate boxes that you could buy. Everyone likes edible gifts, and so these gifts will go down a storm.

What to buy your best friend

Your best friend is like an extra family member. At Christmas, you can show her just how much she means to you. You should consider buying your best friend an item of clothing. You likely know her style (and her dress size) better than anyone else, and so you can buy her something sweet. Many online retailers have sales on dresses and shoes during the festive season. They cut prices to encourage people to buy clothes for Christmas parties. You can pick up some great deals if you shop around online and see what you can find. 

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