Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bring Home the Excitement of #TheHappys this Holiday Season

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As I’ve learned this week it’s never too late for your child to update their holiday wish list. And with one look at The Happy's (one of the amazing lines from Cepia, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets) my daughter has once again updated hers to include all of these adorable and super fun interactive pets.

The Happy's are a totally cute line of interactive motorized pets that use an IR beam to interact with their “treats” and accessories. And, as with any pet, there is no limit to what they will do for a treat, from preforming tricks to chasing after their Chase & Play ball!

We fell in love with our pet, Lady, right from the start. Larger than expected, Happy’s have beautiful, soft fur, and each make up to 25+ silly sounds. Your child will truly enjoy the real interactive feel, because just like real puppies and kittens, Happy’s love to play. Whether they are spinning, pouncing or sitting for a treat the fun just doesn’t stop! My daughter loves to train Lady with her treats and see what fun can be had with Happy's accessories like the Chase & Play ball.

The Chase and Play ball, is a simple, smooth tennis ball that is too much fun not to purchase separately for your Happy’s pet. Really, it’s quite funny watching your happy literally chase down the ball, pounce on top of it and roll it away. My daughter was in stiches!!!! It’s amazing how these pets really mimic the fun of a real pet without the hassle of real pet cleanups, walks, etc. etc.

A great gift for any girl or boy who enjoys interactive play or maybe would like a real pet, but can’t have one due to allergies or other restrictions. Happy’s sell for the SRP of $17.99 with most accessories under $10.00 at Toys R Us, Walmart and more. Collect them all to see each ones fun and unique personality!


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