Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Feel Beautiful For My Daughter + Spa Gift Card Giveaway #Dove #FeelBeautifulFor

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Women, we are all beautiful. But what do you feel beautiful for? I feel beautiful to inspire my daughter that beauty comes not only from the outside, but from the person we are within. For me feeling beautiful is a simple as an outfit that makes me feel good or a new hairstyle. Yet, as simple as that beautiful feeling might be, most women (myself included) find it easier to point out what makes them feel less beautiful, what we dislike about ourselves. Let’s take back our confidence and beauty for ourselves, our daughters, and all women.


Dove is asking the question, “What do you feel beautiful for?” And talking about the beauty legacy that you would like to leave for the girls and women in your life. By heading over to the Dove Beauty page on Walmart’s website you can see what Dove is doing to help build girls’ self-esteem and hear what other women have to say about their beauty legacy. I urge you to take a peek at the video, it’s very powerful.


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What do you feel beautiful for?

Beauty Legacy - Resourceful Mommy Network


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