Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold Got Them Feeling Down? Try Little Remedies® with Everything They Need. Nothing They Don't . #LittleRemedies #Sponsored

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After a long summer there is a part of me who can’t wait for cooler Florida temperatures and the magic of the holiday season. However, if there is one thing that can put a damper on all that holiday magic is the sneezes, sniffles, and coughs my children will undergo throughout the winter months. And with an infant in the house, times of illness become even more stressful since there is little that can be done to provide him comfort. It was at this age with my first child, that I started looking into more natural ways to ease their stuffy noses, quiet those coughs and ease congestion.

Little Remedies® was a simple OTC choice for me that provided (and still provides) a line of products that helps relieve cold symptoms, fevers, and more, in both infants and children with as few ingredients as possible, while still providing great relief. Little Remedies® products do not contain artificial flavors, artificial colors, or alcohol. 

Having a stuffy nose is always the worst for my kids and myself. They have a tough time resting and hearing them tell me it’s hard to breathe is often heartbreaking. Little Remedies® provides fast simple relief for my youngest little guy and even my oldest – it’s a product you’ll always find in my medicine cabinet. It is non-medicated relief that safely flushes and removes mucus from even the tiniest noses. After his birth, my son’s nose was quite often filled with mucus and with his nasal passages being so small it was tough to relieve him with a nasal aspirator alone. Thanks to safe, Little Remedies® Saline Spray/Drops, I was able to unblock his passages of mucus, gently, and without harm or roughness. 

While I do my best to provide my family with healthy, immune boosting foods and overly stress the importance of hand washing, germs are bound to creep in. I feel lucky to have a brand like Little Remedies® to help ease my children’s discomforts in a less is more kind of way. Did you know that Little Remedies® 100% Natural Honey Cough Syrup contains just three (3) ingredients! And if you lead a natural lifestyle you probably know how that honey can be as effective as a common cough suppressant ingredient, dextromethorphan, in typical over-the-counter doses (honey should not be given to children under 1 year old). 

With Little Remedies® Honey Cough Syrup your little one is getting everything they need, and nothing they don’t – relief from icky coughs without the added medicines and ingredients we can barely pronounce!

This cold and flu season if you’re looking to provide relief to your little one, check out Little Remedies® products containing just was is needed for fast, safe relief….. never anything more!

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Rachel C said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I prefer natural meds like this too. We just got over bronchitis at our house, and it is so stressful!
I just hate to hear them coughing of having a stuffy nose, and I have to give them something to give them some relief so we can all sleep.

Janet W. said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My grandsons haven't ever tried these products but they sound like they would be beneficial. I'll have to get them the saline spray next time they catch a cold.

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