Saturday, August 30, 2014

Special Holiday Gift Ideas for That Person on Your List Who Has It All

What do you get that special person that seems to have it all yet deserves a unique present?

Food is the gift that keeps on digesting. It’s likely that you know your special person’s favorite foods. Gather an assortment of imported meats, domestic cheeses, and libations, placing the items in a wicker basket to project a warm, picnic sentiment.

Does your favorite person like a sports team, the opera, going to the theater, or could appreciate a night out? Get them a ticket or string of seats to an upcoming event. If you buy them enough seats, perhaps they’ll ask you to come along!

Choose a destination, such as a national forest or the California coast, and treat the person to a weekend filled with camping, hiking, hanging inside a hotel room, or whatever accommodations and activities preferred.

Schedule a personal photo shoot or hours with a professional photographer that can take candid and posed shots of a group of friends. Make memories using a theme, like Star Wars or the Wild West, or take formal shots with women in dresses and men in suits.


Get them one of many personalized Christmas tree ornaments offered by online vendors. The small to large sentiments says a lot and will remind them of you each time they dress the tree for the season.

Printed materials are rare art forms in the days of digital content. Make a lasting impression on the recipient who will always remember the moral of the story and the good intention of the giver.

Get their car washed, waxed, and detailed. It’s a unique gift angle, and they’ll be reminded of your kindness each time they step inside their clean cabin and impress onlookers with squeaky clean wheels.

Did they mention wanting to learn how to play the piano? Do you think they would enjoy learning a martial art? Did they always want to make French cuisine? Buy them a string of lessons offered by professional coaches and specialists.

Make a donation in their name to a charity. They won’t actually enjoy the experience of a physical gift, but the sentiment will present them with the good feeling that can only come from giving to others.

Getting a hot stone massage, a pedicure and manicure, and personal makeover is not a daily event or a luxury all women and men can afford. Pay them the opportunity to spoil themselves with a spa gift certificate.

Give them a friendly heirloom, presenting a piece of jewelry or keepsake. Aside from the thought, the priceless nature of an heirloom says a lot about what the recipient means to the gift giver. Give a ring, stamp collection, recipe book, etc.

Buy them a bungee, skydiving, or motocross experience. If you think they’ll like an extreme sport experience, or you like the idea of putting your friend though an adrenaline rush, survey a number of extreme sports and experiences.

Buy them a number of scented candles. The long-lasting scents will remind them of your giving nature as well as fine choice in room décor.


Buy or create a piece of art. Create or choose a piece because it features their favorite color, artist, setting, or mood. Art appreciates and adds lasting ambiance to any room.


Beer chefs and masters constantly improve their brews while releasing an array of libations throughout the year with seasonal ingredients, location-based foods, and the brew master’s inability to keep creating great-tasting beer.

You could buy them the car, but that’s a pretty expensive gift. Rather, rent a sports car for a day and let your friend experience driving a Porsche, Lamborghini, Lexus, or other variety of luxury vehicle. Put on your seat belts, sit back, and watch the miles of smiles on the recipient’s face.

Some people seem to have it all, but that’s not true due to your creativity and a world full of unique interests and pastimes. Ensure you’re remembered for being a great gift giver.

Helen Moser has a deep passion for the holidays. Whether it's decor, gift wrapping, or family activities, she adores sharing her inspirations and tricks on a variety of home and holiday blogs.


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Like the ideas you shared, especially the food and candles. Great ideas for my Grandmother this year

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I know a few of these ppl,,some great ideals

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