Sunday, August 24, 2014

Managing you Confidence with Light Bladder Leakage #LBL #SP #FreeSample #Poise

"Many thanks to Poise for sponsoring today's story, and keeping me confident!"

Are you ready to talk about LBL? Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) is nothing to sneeze at – literally. While LBL usually does not point to any underlying medical condition, this doesn’t mean it’s not embarrassing and it can really do a number on our confidence. But, I am here today to tell you you’re not alone. Did you know as many as one in three women experience Light Bladder Leakage, triggered by everyday occurrences like coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise? So what can we do to eliminate the embarrassing stigma and reclaim or confidence as women? We can start by talking openly about it, and we can put our trust in Poise Microliners.

After four pregnancies fairly close together, I should probably considered myself lucky that it took until my fifth pregnancy for my bladder to scream enough is enough! For the first time I was experiencing pregnancy in a whole new and unpleasant way. Now anyone who’s been pregnant before understands frequent trips to the restroom come with the territory, but this time it was different. The urge to go was always there and heaven forbid I laughed, sneezed, or walked for too long of a period of time, the flood gates would open. This was very overwhelming to me, as someone who had always had great bladder control pregnant or not. I didn’t even want to leave my home because I feared having an accident in public. I even broke down in tears in the middle of the supermarket one day, out of discomfort and fear. I had just emptied my bladder surely I could make it through one trip to the grocery store without worry, right? But that wasn’t the case. I had hoped and prayed this condition would be temporary, but unfortunately it didn’t fade after birth.

So, the question is, how do we go about our daily activities, workout at the gym and laugh with our friends without the fear? Poise Microliners were designed to give women back their confidence and favorite past times. These amazingly thin and discrete liners (even worn with workout clothes) feature SAM (Super Absorbent Material) to provide protection that keeps you dry, comfortable and confident all day, every day, in a completely different way the typical feminine care products protects. And there is a really good reason for that. Poise Microliners are not a feminine care product. Poise Microliners are the thinnest liners in the light incontinence category and are designed to absorb wetness, neutralize odor and stay three times drier than period liners.

So ladies, let’s not make LBL a dirty little secret anymore; we are women, our bodies are ever changing and this is just another one of life’s little hurtles. Regain your confidence with Poise and remember that “SAM” will always have your back!

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