Monday, August 11, 2014

Just Pretend Kids Elegant Bride

In this big world immersed in technology, I think it’s easy for kids to lose their imagination. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and think in today’s world it’s important for even children to have a working knowledge of all that good stuff. But what about the basics? I remember vividly spending hours playing pretend and using nothing but my imagination to get me lost in play. At Just Pretend Kids you’ll find that inspiration an imagination in beautifully crafted costumes that let children dream and learn about themselves in a creative way.

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Just Pretend® tutus, wands, wings, accessories and children costumes are made with a child’s comfort and safety in mind. My daughter loves dress up, but is always complaining about itchy and irritating fabrics especially around the waist. Just Pretend takes pride in the softness costumes, finest tulle and wands made to minimize danger having no sharp points or dangerous materials. 

After searching the Just Pretend Enchanted Collection my daughter decided that the Elegant Bride costume would make an excellent addition to her collection. In fact, she was so excited about it she may or may not have drove me nuts asking every day for a week “Is it here yet?”

Straight out of the box the care and quality was already evident. I love that it included a zip up, hanging, storage bag just like a real dress! And in this house we need all the storage options and fabric protection we can get. 

With a hoop skirt, vail, zip back and lace arms your child will truly feel like a bride. And what little girl doesn’t imagine one day being a bride – hopefully one day, but one day far down the road! The quality and detail to the costume was impeccable. They were so great in fact that I would like to get a nice photo of my daughter in this outfit to be saved for her actual wedding day. I would love to create a then and now with it. 

The vail fits has a no-fuss comb clip making it easy for your little one to put on and take off by themselves. And while your child would definitely standout on Halloween in a Just Pretend costume, for the child who inspires to imagine these costumes are a must for the costume trunk!

From Princesses to Pirates the Enchanted Collection will have your little girl casting spells, ruling the lands and finding prince charming in her very own world built on imagination. Costumes are also available for toddler and they have an absolutely gorgeous tutu collections for play, pictures or party!

Buy It: Purchase the Just Pretend Elegant Bride Costume at for $79.99


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